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If you don’t like them, that’s totally fine. But to call them useless is totally false. Lots of others like them and they all can be very USEFUL in many contracts.

Don’t forget, the game was not made just for you.


I wouldn’t call them useless, but they are a bit annoying, the problem is that some people don’t know how to use them.


Sure, you can call them annoying, to each his own, but they are not useless. That’s what I said in my post, about the uselessness, not the annoying part.


Sick Contract @_AnoMade


If you play this game to get Silent Assassin:

Never get spotted = Useless
No Camera Recordings = Useless
No Bodies found = Useless
Non Targets killed = Useless
Insta Fails in General= More Restarts, PS4 Loading Time=Horror (Restart contract costs about 0:30-1:00) -->Timewaster= Useless OP

Perfect Shooter = Takes away Bulletdistractions, limits solutions. Mostly used by beginners who had no clue how to use them USEFULL.

This is an example for a clever used Perfect Shooter to make it a great puzzle: You can´t ignite the Oil Barell with a Shot or a breaching charger, you can´t shoot the Ice Pike to let it fall. That is clever and USEFULL.

Headshots only: No Legshots, limits Solutions. Only usefull for a handfull of contracts.

The only complication that is USEFULL in general is:
No Disguise Change
No Pacifications/KO’s

Sure the game was not made for me and this is my personal opinion so your argument is also just Useless. It´s like saying: Don´t forget your a human being. Yeah i know that.

A skilled contract creator knows how to use the complications USEFULL. But the usual Hitman Gamer doesn´t know and thinks this makes the contract more difficult. But it isn´t more difficult it´s just more timewasting. So the main point i critize are the players who don´t know how to use them USEFULL and create loads of shit complications contracts which mostly allow just one linear solution


And No Pacifications. Agreed in general
though, the only purpose to over half of the complication is noob-proofing for non-sa players, but that makes all of those same complications worthless for anyone who was already playing the game right.


You´re right i forgot the No Pacifications. They are also usefull in general. Will correct that! Thanks Rattle


Sometimes I might use a required exit as a complication, but other than that, I dont use the other ones that much.


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Some ppl are not good enough to get SA, so complications are there to tell them “hey, you made a mistake.”


Are NOT useless.

Well insta-fails can also be used for ppl to NOT have noobs on the leaderboards without getting SA. So that, in itself, is useful. Don’t have to see a board full of non-SA runs.
And the timer is a niche thing. Ppl want a contract to be figured out in the required time so it’s still useful for ppl who like pressure (to the clock) contracts.

But that can be a good thing. Bullet distractions are quite OP’d so adding it not only prevents the unlimited amount of free distractions, it also prevents players to shoot cameras. So again, useful.

Sure that’s clever, but as I said, preventing the use of bullet distractions or shooting cameras, can also be clever to find a solution without using those mechanics. It changes the use of your loadout and can prevent you from taking a easier route.

Again, legshots is another OP’d mechanic and preventing that forces you to be smarter with your loadout and not getting that free item with unlimited KO’s.

Nope, all complications are useful, because I explained that there are players out there that just shoot the target or toss a duck and leave and think they did well.

Regardless if it’s your opinion, your opinion is wrong, as I just explained to you why complications, all of them, are useful. You just don’t like them (and hats fine) and preference (what you like and don’t like) and opinion (what you think is useful or useless) are two different things as an opinion can be wrong if it’s false information.

You only say that because you dont like a lot of complications. Not everyone will like every contract. For me, I like as many complications as possible because I like the challenge to figure out an SA run. The only thing I don’t like is the timer, but that’s just my preference, not that I think it’s useless, even in “my opinion” because there’s always a purpose to have a complications. Even if it’s a noob “thinking” that more complications make it harder, that’s still a purpose thought from the creator. Just because you don’t find it “harder”, it doesn’t mean it isn’t for others. You also have to realize that your skill level is higher than most so you will see these types of contacts as stupid or whatever, but to underskilled players, they ARE harder than without them.

And as many players that are not that great at getting SA, it does not make it linear. Ppl who say a contract is “linear”, are only looking at it through their own skill level. Do you really think that there’s a contract that can’t be solved in multiple ways? Not everyone is a speedrunner or a great SA solver. Some are patient, walk, do different things. It’s ONLY linear if you look at it with 1 playstyle.

[quote=“CHAOS_AGENT_45, post:1079, topic:19482”]
Don´t forget your a human being. [/quote]

Yes, I am. But you are not. You shot the damn fortune teller from the consulate steps and got SA. No human can do that. So you, my friend, are not human. :joy:


The Skeleton Dance



I tried your 3 women, 3 bullets contract, but I didn’t like the title, so I “renamed it” for you. :joy:


:joy::joy::joy: That was good lol. Thanks for doing my contract.



I had to show the leaderboard. It’s not always that i’m on top, and who knows how long i’ll be up there :laughing:

The Sanguine Affair Part 2


Nice contract. Here’s my approach.

Past Mistakes.


Here’s a contract for beginners to pros. Simple and linear :slight_smile:

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