Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)



Man both @MRGaming and Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken Did a great job with my contract. :slight_smile: Sorry I’m still learning this form. can’t seem to post pics are reply properly. A side joke Amy Wong thanks them both. XD In the briefing I kinda screwed up and tried putting a Futurama joke in there and accidentally left of words out.


Great route! Those headshots were amazing


Heyheyheyhey what about me??!?!? :smile:


I highly recommend turning fast target and aimbot off. Come on son


I don’t think @Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken uses it. He’s just good at lining up his shots, like @cjgarof


Lmao he clearly uses it mate and that’s okay. But to call those “amazing headshots” is pretty silly.


Contract: Baron’s Boat (Paris)
ID 2-02-4302629-08

There is a lot more emphasis on stealth in this one than in my usual contracts. Let me know what you guys think.

@rattleshnake @hulinada25 @Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @immadummee47 @MRGaming @Prem_Raj


Really? I’ve never used it so I don’t know how it works :slight_smile:


I like stealth. Will give it a shot :slight_smile:


Right on @Prem_Raj GG


I actually agree with you. But i also understand where chaos_agent_45 is coming from. Personally, i feel the conplications are there for the creators to set a ‘targetted audience’ or targetted at a particular play style. This can get annoying if it is not your play style, but then again, there so many different play styles, which is what make Hitman awesome.

I personally tend to avoid the time limit complications cause that’s not my play style.

For me, what tend to annoy me is creators that don’t play their own contract. Reason is, i like to get Silent Assassin. But some contracts are just not created for it (especially if you search for random ones). Unless i know who the creators are, i tend to avoid these contracts as well.


Sorry Prem_Raj, My mistake. :slight_smile:


Kangaroo Jerky


No worries. Bring on more contracts! :+1:


Still learning the ropes, so still testing the water.


Title: That’s my name MR, Burns

ID: 2-08-8737720-01


@MrBurn4488 should do this :joy:


Sloppy AF too. Routes are more important than the mechanics. @_anomade