Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Quality over quantity, Xbox contract. Enjoy, the targets are easy to find ^^


Title: Contract Cancelled 1
Contract ID: 1-04-0452644-76 (thanks, @BernardoOne);2-04-9023398-59 (thanks, @Prem_Raj); 3-04-3781666-05
Location: Landslide (Sapienza by Sunet)
Type: Puzzle


Recreated for PS4: 2-04-9023398-59


Dead Man Hunting


Kick Off Meeting (Colorado)
PS4 Contract ID: 2-09-8793136-94

PS4: 2-10-8927505-94

All You Can Stab
PS4 ID: 2-03-62329905-94


Here you go! SA/SO


No-Smoking Policy

ID: 1-10-2671943-59


Sick puzzle contract - The Outlaw’s Organs - on pc, this one requires you to kill Dexter with consumed poison and kill the rest of the targets disguised as him
My run:


I was watching @CHAOS_AGENT_45 stream the other day and discussing complications. He suggested I make a contract with this title. It should be a pretty quick and easy one.

Title: Can’t Be Bothered With Complications
Contract ID: 3-02-0620949-48 (Xbox), 2-02-8408033-94 (PS4) 1-02-2533422-02 (PC)
Location: Paris


Nice run but this isn’t a puzzle contract. There’s literally nothing you have to do to figure anything out. You can also do this very slow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But good run, nonetheless.


I had the XB1 on so I did this contract. :smiley:

Can’t Be Bothered With Complications (1:32)


My best time so far is almost identical, 1:34, with a completely different strat. It’s always crazy to me how that happens.


Can’t Be Bothered With Complications
Recreated for PS4:
ID: 2-02-8408033-94


Can’t Be Bothered With Complications

Totally chaotic execution…Chaos Style :stuck_out_tongue:


Re-created on Xbox. ID: 3-07-8534424-48


Hey guys, so I had made a contract called “Basement Of Horrors” awhile back that wound up becoming somewhat popular, and so I decided to make a part 2. Hope you guys like it.

Basement Of Horrors (Part 2) (Bangkok)
ID 2-08-6252215-08
@rattleshnake @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @MRGaming @Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken @_AnoMade @Prem_Raj


I Studied The Blade
The Showstopper, Paris

After an embarrassing interview in which a martial arts display failed to secure our client a job in security he has decided that the CICADA agents must pay the ultimate price for dishonouring him. Rather than do this himself, which he has assured us on several occasions that he could if he wanted to, our client has asked that you complete the task for him. Apart from mentioning a fedora, which I explained probably wasn’t appropriate, our client only requested the use of a saber. Good luck, 47.



If you guys are gonna play it and don’t want to spoil the puzzle then don’t watch it.

Contract Cancelled 1 (1:12)


Gave @Double_Eagle a really old contract of mine to play. Want to repost it in case someone wants to play it.
It is tedious but I am sure people like @immadummee47 or @Nakar with endurance have fun with it. :smiley:

Dead Heat Finals


Check out how much work I invested into preview images back then. I guess that was what got me the first featured contracts. :smiley:


Since being in PS4, I need to know where these NPCs are or at least what their names are.

And yes, this is my type of contract. :grin: