Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Oh right.

First target delivery guy at the van using his phone, any disguise, thrown melee
Second target, gardener at the ruins, not at the bridge but the other, delivery disguise, thrown old axe
Third Target, gardener at church doing graves and drinking from a bottle at the outer edge of the cementary, delivery disguise, thrown battle axe

Dont have their names at hand atm, see image to check for their appearance.


I donā€™t know who was the first one to make this, but I played the one by Pagan.



Versatile Killer




Turn That Noise Down


More contracts :slight_smile:

I See You 2

I have a feeling you guys might like this one.

Accidents Happen

Do Your Job

This one is just for fun :slight_smile:

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I realised i forgot to add one more contract. Sorry about the double tagging.
This one is fun to figure out :slight_smile:
Target is sitting at the sofa near the restroom.

I Lurke In The Darkness

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Euler13 submitted this one to the Featured Contracts thread after a subscriber, SixBead51602662, asked him to play it. Itā€™s a cool contract, check it out peeps. Featuring some incredible inaccuracy by yours truly.

CICADA Comeback (2:15)


Third Dimension
PC - 1-08-9356222-84


Not sure if this has been done before - apologies if it has - but I thought that some of you may like this little puzzlerā€¦

Title: Stalker Sniper
Contract ID: 2-08-8057642-94 (thanks, @CHAOS_AGENT_45); 3-08-9148196-04
Location: Bangkok


Stalker Sniper
Recreated for PS4:
ID: 2-08-8057642-94


Decided to incorporate the Street Performer disguise into this one, let me know what you guys think.

Trick Shots (Sapienza)
ID 2-03-1454748-08

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Wanted to try something different Lol.


Impossible 49


@ScroobiusJib Nice contract mate!


Very easyā€¦ :stuck_out_tongue:

Try this for a challengeā€¦ 3s possible? Any/Thrown

Targets are from main starting point in this picture


Impossible.Ā Ā Ā 


Impossible 50


Trying to recreate now but I canā€™t remember where the old axe is in WoT. Let me knowā€¦Anyone.


Edit: Nevermind, found it.


Fun contract :slight_smile: Good job m8



Getting Gorski (ICA Facility)