Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


PC Contract - Oh Baby A Triple - 1-02-2512092-76


Technical Affairs
Location: Paris
Eliminate Pierrette De Brisay, The Hacker
Eliminate Jean-Luc Salois, The Booster
Eliminate Cedric Bostin, The Watch Dog
You must never be seen on camera.
Optional Objectives:
All gun shots must hit NPCs.

Seeing how my poorly made contract ‘Classless Cooks’ was featured, I’ve decided to give the player more freedom. :slight_smile:

Consulate Capers
Location: Marrakesh Day
Eliminate Andre Engstrom, The Soldier
Eliminate Louise Jakobsson, The Medic
Eliminate Markus Janson, The Commander
Eliminate Ola Matisson, The Veteran
Optional Objectives:
All shots fired at NPCs MUST be headshots.

I want to make more contracts in the consulate. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Side Notes
Hope you enjoy these contract. I love giving these targets nicknames like ‘The Hacker’ or ‘The Medic’.


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That’s my contract :smiley: Well done m8


@MRGaming @MrBurn4488
I will be playing your contracts soon. Sorry, I haven’t. Been playing the Forger ET many times. :wink: Thanks for tagging me.


there’s a fun contract trending on PC called Master Sniper : Church Suit . I don’t think it was made by anyone here but it’s an alright contract.


You should post the IDs as well.


Feedback @Nakar @Spodey
Your re-created contracts “The Green Revolution” and “Unsafehouse” are on Page #1 of the PS4 Trending contracts

The Green Revolution:
Played by 1523 people, 313 Silent Assassin Ratings

Played by 141 people, 55 Silent Assassin Ratings

This brings me to the idea to open a new thread about:

What´s on Trending (PC, PS4, XBOX) and what was a contract you enjoyed and would like to share. So we can recreate them for other platforms.

I really like this new Trending/Most Played Last Week. This could also be nice for people who aren´t part of the community but create very good contracts. So one of them can also be picked up by IOI as a featured contract.


I think that thread wouldn’t get much attention compared to this one. I would suggest just posting the contracts you like from there over here. As 47 says…”a contract is a contract.”

But do what you like. :grin:


These are my runs of two recent contracts, couldn’t upload them for a while because of Thanksgiving, but I’ve finally gotten around to posting 'em.


Yeah, I play Hitman for the plot. No, seriously, if I can’t come up with a good story, or joke for the description I just scrap it. So, ditto on the whole giving codenames to targets thing!


47s or ronaldo ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

  • PC Contract: Fatale Bzzz
  • ID: 1-02-7151729-61
  • Location: Paris

  • PC Contract: Disappearance In Paris
  • ID: 1-02-2424433-61
  • Location: Paris


The Impatient Assassin (Marrakesh): 1-06-4893799-02

TARGETS: Five. None are especially difficult to kill and you can do it any way you want, but each has a disguise requirement. One is Suit, so no undercover starts.
COMPLICATIONS: Targets Only, No Pacifications. No taking disguises from innocent NPCs.
THE IDEA: Wear disguises. Wear a lot of disguises. Wear perhaps too many disguises.



Title:What’s Your 20,Officer?

Restriction:Any Methods on ALL and Suit For All as well

Targets:(Left To Right) Nikica Starts By Dexter’s Room behind the 2 Resort Staff Women,Sadato is Yuki’s Restaurant Stall Guard,Oliver Is Directly Outside of Restaurant by the Garden Exit of Restaurant and Sakutarou is in the Restaurant standing by the stairs directly right under the stair sign…

Complications:No Disguise Change,No Bodies Found and Targets Only


I heard you like the new BULLET DISTRACTIONS bois?
Well it is time to change that and replace that joy with frustration.
I worked on this one the last few days and found five targets in Colorado, where you WILL need bullet distractions to get them in blind spots. At three targets I even used additional distractions during the kills. They should not be necessary but they reduce the chance for found bodies alot and enhance the time score a bit.
I want to stress this: this is no RNG fest, if you find the real sweet spots and timings, the strat is consistent! Well as far it can be at Hitman.

The Vector: Water Tower

Time to beat: 1:25min

(No bodies found is optional so you can trial and error easier, the missed complication should give better feedback than the “crime noticed” or “guard allerted” messages)

In case you want to recreate it for consoles (good luck playing that with joysticks!) the targets are:

  1. The guy sitting next to the nitroglycerin case
  2. The explosive crew guy who is mixing the charge
  3. Rose’ guard
  4. The guy inside Berg’s lab
  5. One of the two mechanics inside the workshop Rose is visiting once a while


I’ve made around 28 so far so there’s plenty to share, but I’ve got three of my better ones arranged below in order of difficulty.


Five target contract set around the town area of Sapienza. Gaining Silent Assassin is mandatory to finishing the contract.

PS4 ID: 2-03-0987310-72


Paris contract, where you have to kill all your targets with a thrown Janbiya and avoid getting spotted.

PS4 ID: 2-02-6504770-72


I posted this one in the first thread and it never got any plays, mostly because it’s a bit of a bitch to silent assassin. I haven’t even done it yet, but I know it’s possible.

PS4 ID:2-10-4370747-72
XBONE ID:3-10-7146108-05

May I request that if anyone is to recreate or video these contracts, not to mention the PSN name? It’s a shared account, after all. Thanks.

Recreation provided by @Euler13.


I’ll be home soon, will recreate for ps4.