Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Environmental Hazards (Colorado)

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Can’t Be Bothered With Complications by @ScroobiusJib, “Clean” & SA/SO & SA (1:45)

I fucking hate this game. Men without heads, emetics never actually work properly, just seriously why can’t IO fix their shit man.

All I want.

Is for them.

To Fix.

Their Shit.


Impossible 51


Complications are fun. So I found one with ALL complications added. lol.

SA/SO/FW + all complications.


And you couldn’t have added that to the video? I’ve never seen that. Would have loved to. :confused:


Does this count? :roll_eyes::laughing:

Couple of things from recent days:


Just a question how do people get these Images from consoles like PS4? I’m curious.


Mark Parker (the naked guy in Paris) has no head, as Ed demonstrates. He just… doesn’t have a head. You have to shoot him in a very specific part of his lower neck to get a headshot to register 90% of the time.


You can record video and take screenshots by pressing the options button


An easy contract as far as killing the targets, but it’s meant to use up to 4 propane tanks. 3 for the 1st one, and 1 for the 2nd. The challenge is to place them in the right spots so they… well, it should be easy enough to figure out from the briefing. It’ll take a bit of time if using the propane tanks, but it’s intended to be somewhat fun with the kills.

To Heaven and to Hell


recreated on PC - 1-04-0452644-76


Two short single target contracts:

From @fkgfw

From trending tab


PC - May I Axe You A Question - 1-08-8059624-76


Good kill.But this contract is bad,i made some mistake on it,which makes it much easier than i had expected,pls try Impossible 50,Impossible 51 and Impossible 52


Re-created on Xbox. ID 3-08-6773388-48


Personal Extradition in 0:52


Ohai Mark


Prostate Exam


PC Contract - I TOLD You About Stairs! - 1-08-0840835-76

Quality contract, try it out @cjgarof @Bending_Cheese67 @Nakar @Fortheseven @mendietinha @GuLe @sk1y @Urben @fkgfw


Can’t Be Bothered With Complications SA 1:20