Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


The fifth part of xStick Sniperx’s Sniper contracts. I won’t post episodes 2 through 4 because my runs don’t differ from the methods I’ve seen.


This is all your fault, @tjacob123 & @BernardoOne. I mean, this one’s not very hard, but still.

Hold Up, BRB (Hokkaido): 1-10-7159983-02

TARGETS: The two guys in the bathroom as Jason Portman.
COMPLICATIONS: Time Limit (2:45), Required Exit (Mountain Path).
NOTES: This contract is easy, but not as easy as it looks.


I’ve really enjoyed this series so far. Here’s what I had for the fifth instalment:

Recreated a few contracts for Xbox as well; three of Raj’s and one from Chaos:

I See You 2 - 3-03-8341385-88
Man’s Not Hot - 3-02-6808202-88
I Lurke In The Darkness - 3-10-2340806-88
Shadow Shinobi - 3-10-4451641-88

Target deets here (or hereabouts :smile:):


I think this one has been trending on XB1 for some time now.


Looks like the forum doesn’t allow more than three consecutive exclamation marks, I imagine for spamming reasons. Should be 9 in the title I think.


Abel de Silverballer

ID: 2-08-8064550

All targets are at the side of Jordan’s Penthouse.


I just wanted to make a contract too. (I actually made it but it is not possible to SA)


Target: Portman as Portman w/o bandages
Target: Doctor who takes off bandages w/ bandages

My plan was to set up a trap with proximity mine + Propane to let the doctor die during the de-bandaging animation. Sadly this counts as kill w/o bandages. :frowning: I guess the delay between the explosion and the moment the explosion hits him is enough to skip the animation and give 47 the unbandaged disguise.


I suspect the disguise change occurs as soon as you Sit Down (As Jason Portman), or at least the instant the cutscene initiates from the doctor approaching.


Mainly made this PC-contract because I thought of the name to be frank.:slight_smile:

If there was a “Long Distance shots” requirement available I would’ve added it as well.
It also has all of the classic SA requirements (should be able to do it SO as well, but I didn’t bother)


A tricky one. At times it can flow, other times, it’ll take some patience. If done right and safest way, it could take 15 to 20 some minutes to complete.

Venom Vengeance
Bangkok ~ Himmapan Hotel
Two to bite with fangs,
and venom for who remains.
And as a snake sheds his skin,
solve this riddle and you shall win.

This will require the antique lethal syringe to be unlocked, and a number of subdues and disguise changes (shedding skin wink wink)… The riddle (puzzle?) however… You’ll just have to figure that one out yourself.


Made two small puzzles. First one needs no rng. Second one… IS rng huehue

The Vargas Versification


Targets: Vargas and the bodyguard near him

Hold me even if I dont want you to


Targets: The guys at the entry point


Gate Guardians (Paris)
ID 2-02-1976210-08

@hulinada25 @rattleshnake @MRGaming @Prem_Raj @CHAOS_AGENT_45


Can you tell me where targets are and send kill conditions? Thanks in advance.


@Euler13 Sick Contract m8!


If the contract you are referring to is Gate Guardians, then the targets are the 2 bodyguards at the main gate (default starting location) of paris. Its an any/any contract


Played it. Did not record a video cos nothing special about my run. Haha. I made them go kaboom on the way out (@cjgarof am i using that phrase correctly? Haha)


Thank you all who played this, it actually managed to dethrone AHL as the #1 trending contract on PC :smiley:


We have a good contract on trending #1!!! PopChamp


One of the best contracts I’ve played lately @BernardoOne




jeez way to scare everyone away from the onset :stuck_out_tongue: