Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Re-created for PC: 1-09-4993497-67


lmao man i had just recreated it as well lol


Just got sub 1, I’ll upload it by tomorrow if no one has beat my time.


BULLSEYE for the win
Recreated on Xbox: 3-09-2140558-05.


Can’t wait to see it. The best I’ve pulled off is 1.22.


sry m8 but you need a new vid:


@BernardoOne, whaaa? No SA? When I said kitchen knife, I mean melee, not attach it to a plastic bottle on the barn rooftop and use the striker to shoot it across the map and have it fly right into his neck.


Money has no smell

PC - 1-06-3373319-84


this has to be the first time i immerse a lot in a contract.

The Pest of Times
ID: 1-08-3772508-46



I had a few goes at this contract this afternoon. I ran out of time so left unlisted, as it can definitely be improved (down to 2 distractions I’d imagine, plus a tighter route with some grinding/better timing):

These were from the weekend:


The Fall of Mark Parker
2-02-7300905-62 PS4

Maybe it’s too difficult… idk. Some feedback please thx!


Damn son, how do you like so fast!! @Bending_Cheese67


I had the thread opened Kappa


Here is my run of the contract:


BULLSEYE for the win in 0:49 with a completely different strat and starting location


Magical number 47 achieved

BULLSEYE for the win - SA - 0:47

This time I start on the Water Tower instead. The distraction trick I use is the same, but this time I drop the gun after firing it. This will make the dude stop in his tracks and stare at the gun for a moment, saving a little bit over a second.
46 seconds is probably achievable.
edit: 46 achieved


Name: General hospital kill



It’s only hard if you don’t know how to kill the Director and know where the Screwdriver and scalpel are. but if you do, it’s insanely easy.


PC Contract - El Pistolero de Bangkok - 1-08-9564847-76

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'Addio Tony Soprano!'
PS4 Contract: 2-03-8155429-35

More details: