Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Played this one on stream
Beep Boop (33s): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/233497245



Sweet contract, congrats on Featured!

I TOLD You About Stairs ! SA/SO/FW/No KO


Here’s a concept I’ve been thinking about for a while. Hokkaido is unique in that it doesn’t have a guard outfit among the starting outfits. That means the No Outfit Changes complication works differently in Hokkaido. You can use it to make Any Disguise contracts where it’s hard to move around big guns.

This one challenges you to take out four guards with shotguns. There are a few ways to do it but I’m not sure which is best.

Make It Messy

Steve, a security guard at the GAMA center in Hokkaido, wishes for us to eliminate four of his colleagues who tease him mercilessly. They call him “Sloppy Steve” for having once gotten spaghetti sauce on his uniform after a lunch. Steve wants their deaths to be just as messy. Take them out with a shotgun.

Additionally, the mockery has made him sensitive about his own sloppiness. He requests that your own outfit stay unsoiled. Don’t change into new clothes during the contract.


I am thinking about a good contract since quite some time because Hokkaido has this. Gonna look how yours turned out!


wait how is it unique? Paris is the same way :stuck_out_tongue:


I have an old-ish series that I haven’t posted yet, so, here ya go.

@Ed_ll3 @Euler13


@ScroobiusJib got that Rekky for PS4, great contract dude and congrats on being featured.


0:54 on Contract Cancelled 1


Hello guys!!

I’m glad to share with you my first Hitman™ Contract: “Bangkok Maintenance” :slight_smile:


| Contract ID: 1-08-3038573-67 |



-> That mission was made with the Silent Assassin Rating objective, so try to keep that in mind while playing the mission
–> It is strongly recommended to have 20 mastery in Bangkok before starting, or at least having playing a lot in this level.
—> This was more designed for roleplayers than speedrunners, so the time you take to accomplish the mission doesn’t really matter.
----> The selected targets are often in a compromising place, or surrounded by other NPCs, to make the challenge even greater.


-> There are 5 targets to kill.
–> You can use any weapon or any method.
—> The targets are dispatched on the whole map, take your time on the first runs to locate them.
----> Some targets are near other NPCs so you will have to be careful!!


-> Only one exit aviable (the tuk-tuk)!!
–> Do not get spotted by security cameras or else, delete evidence.
—> No bodies found (dead or unconscious) unless accident/poisoned!!


-> I suggest you starting at the main entrance or 47’s suit.
–> Feel free to smuggle another heavier weapon since you may take a guard disguise.
—> ICA phone is great to attract/kill targets.


Have fun and let me know if you liked it :slight_smile:

Featured Contracts Submission Thread
10 New Featured Contracts (26 April '18)

Last day as a bodyguard

ID: 1-03-4594690-67

No additional complications. It is worth to be taken slowly at first, the guard has some funny unique lines. :smiley:


Blade of Justice
Bangkok / Club 27


I played it, and it seemed alright. It’s not what I’d call difficult (personally), but that’s relative to experience anyway. It’s not as complex as my previous one (Venom Vengeance) …yeah, that was some shameless self promotion.

And with ^that, I’ll post another contract. This one is in Marakesh at night.

Death by Moonlight 2, Axassinations

5 Ax “melee” kills (wish it could be ‘Ax/any method’), suit required, but disguise changes and subdues allowed. No crimes allowed.



Someone recreated this on XB1. Found it on Trending.


Let The Game Begin (2:11)


:+1: @Zevoros


I’d not say it’s difficult either, but challenging at least.

If i wanted to make it harder, i would’ve activated more complications, or targeted someone like Jordan Cross or the Lawyer…

I’ll try your night contract, cheers!


Shitty contract Alert


This Turbulent Priest
Contract ID 2-03-2118386-50

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2 Jags and I’m Out of Here (1:49)


@Opal_Hitman :slight_smile:

PC contract recreated for PS4.
Let’s take down ‘Sympathy For Wood’


Congrats on the #1 trending on PS4 and getting the least amount of players on that contract :clap: