Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Still doesn’t dismiss it as being a good contract. I actually enjoyed it very much. But why you said 30 while @Urben said 1000+? Whose numbers are wrong?



How many SA runs are there?


244, all others seem to have a noticed kill and otherwise all bonuses.


Ya, the early exit penalty. I got a pass-failed. Lol.

@Opal_Hitman how did you get 30?



These were great fun to play. I tried several methods with the first one but this was the fastest and I imagine it’s the same way that you went about doing it. You can also kill him with the light that you would use for Jasper or push him over the railing that Jasper leans on but it adds about 20 seconds due to dragging the body and you have to be incredibly accurate on about 5 gunshot distractions in a very small amount of time. I originally took him to the roof and hit him with a lamp above the runway at the top of the airplane hanger and hid him up there but that run was about 3:45. The first in the series is now on the Trending contracts because I was playing it for about 3-4 hours last night, restarting frequently so hopefully some more people will give it a go! The second and third were also great to play, there were a couple of times on the third that the bodies hidden didn’t come up for 10-20 seconds, sometimes even longer or not at all so each run was played with baited breath!

Hidden Accident 1-3



The new guy, you know you still love me?




@rattleshnake, meant to play this back then but I forgot about it. This would have been a great PS4 et contract for the group.

The Killing Moon


Here are three insanely difficult contracts. You have been warned! :open_mouth:

Title: The Clock Is Ticking 1
Contract ID: 3-07-7605094-05
Location: Marrakesh by Night (AHBoS)

Title: The Clock Is Ticking 2
Contract ID: 3-07-4580299-05
Location: Marrakesh by Night (AHBoS)

Title: The Clock Is Ticking 3
Contract ID: 3-07-1160338-05
Location: Marrakesh by Night (AHBoS)


The Clock Is Ticking 1-3

High-Profile Assassin (3:04)

47 Flavors (1:42)

Featuring a flying Saber. You can also throw it between the van and the art shop and go pick it up, but this was far more enjoyable.

Blade In The Back (8:07)


Hey guys! Been awhile but made some new contracts recently all for PS4:

Five Fingered Bitches Paris Any/Any
Dedicated To Mark Parker Paris Any/Any
Isn’t It Iconic Part 1 Icon Any/Any
Fast and Slow Hokkaido Any/Any
Hope you enjoy! I’ve missed you guys school has just been crazy. I’m just getting back into playing.






deep dark fantasy
don’t think anyone,could beat my time!好大一只鸡


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of contracts lately, finally got around to making another one. Hope you enjoy it!

Business As Usual (Paris)
ID - 2-02-2511975-08

@Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken @rattleshnake @Prem_Raj @MRGaming @hulinada25 @immadummee47 @Bending_Cheese67



suit+any method
I have to make a contract because I’m xiebaobao


A fast route is key. Experimentation may be required. SA is possible. (My fastest SA had about 49 secs left)
You are to visit 3 locations: The Sapienza city limits, the graveyard, and the Ether Lab.

The 5 Minute Marathon
PS4: 2-03-5935084-01


Gonna try that one :slight_smile:


Holy Holly-days

ID: 2-08-1473426-82


The AnoMade Paradigm


  • PC ID : 1-10-2268011-41
  • PS4 ID: 2-10-9569413-57
  • XB1 ID: 3-10-3550910-48


  • paradigm contracts might not be cool for speedrunners
  • favorite disguises, maps and weapons asked from dedicated paradigm players
  • i arranged conditions and targets by myself
  • have fun!
  • thanks to @Bending_Cheese67 to re-create for ps4
  • thanks to @ScroobiusJib to re-create for xb1

good luck everyone ;D

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