Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


You forgot the hardest Paradigm, The immadummee Paradigm. :sunglasses:


Very nice. I’ll get this re-created on XB1 tonight if someone doesn’t beat me to it.


Would play but I don’t have Janbiya :frowning:


i have one i made.
name is kill order whatever because i typed the name but it erased it, and the id is
3-10-2541491-18. sorry for no title but i put one in but it erased it. i had to wrerite the description because of that aswell


Look i’m a Hippy



All you need is lockpick and Concealable Knife.


This number doesn’t seem to be correct.


Quicker shooting to find the key point!


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How to enter the laboratory without changing the suit? Sniper NPC?


Found this contract a bit too simple (for my kind huehue) to post, but it was very enjoyable to see @Double_Eagle playing it on Twitch so here you go:

All targets look towards the ocean near the canals of the church in WoT. Having to kill Mario in an accident makes it tricky I think. Wouldn’t make me wonder if someone pulls a sick Plaza Tower Striker route.

Riccardo Riccardo

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I’m going to re-create this tonight on Xbox if that’s ok. I enjoyed watching Eagle play it.


I think the number in the post is the Kill Order/Title. The ID is 3-10-2643263-18.


Ah thanks Ed, I never realized those were different.


Post more contracts you think are easy, I bet they will be fun to play! I also enjoyed eagle playing this yday. I will try to recreate on PS4


My passing of the contract - The AnoMade Paradigm v2 - (3:05)


Are you on pc or playstation? My contract is an xbox contract


I’m on Xbox, I was just putting the number in the wrong spot. I’ll play it tonight when I get off of work.




Well well well, look who it is? What happened, forthe? Is everything ok?