Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Is there a no pacification restriction on the contract? If there isn’t, you can ko a couple guys around the edge by the forklift, and sneak your way from there somewhat easily.


it is me


Is everything ok, m8? We missed you! When will your batch come out, btw?


Even if there is NO KO, I found the easiest trick to kill all 4 guys in suit. And I mean very easy. :grin:


The 5 Minute Marathon
Cool contract, really enjoyed this one


Hey played Ano’s contract today on PS4, called Castaway. Here’s my run:


Made this yesterday but didn’t post it until I did an SA run. Safe and reliable, SA is achievable for most.

Easy targets but the challenge comes retrieving the shotgun and exfiltrating back to the mountain path.
Good luck!!

By The Blade & Bullet
PS4 ID: 2-10-0641995-99
XB1 ID: 3-10-3017608-19
Ninja Only, No KO, mountain path exit. Typo on fulfill :man_facepalming:

Edit: someone remade for xb1. ID up above.



Flatline (1:09)


Made a new fleshed out puzzle finally. Will play it myself the next days to decide if I suggest it for feature.

Tower Offense

No extra complications

Thomas Cross and Ken Morgan played chess when the news of Jordan murdering his girlfriend broke.
While Thomas was shocked and struggled to find words, Morgan was more annoyed that this match he was about to win will not be finished. But he put an already working solution down the chessboard, atleast in his mind.
For him this family was just a good way to make money. Making Thomas happy was just secondary. Important is the question, do the black pieces fall before the whites do?




Re-created on Xbox. ID 3-03-4794130-48


kill xiebaobao1,kill xiebaobao2,over!


Thanks! Great run! Interesting distraction method at the start and end… I was wondering how you got such a quick time.


Here is my run of Ano’s Prostate Exam contract.


The thunder roared.

good luck!man


ive gor another contract. name is clean up work and the id is 3-08-2818048-18. its on bangkok and you have to kill the people in room 207 and one extra person. Have fun!


By The Blade & Bullet remade for XB1
ID: 3-10-3017608-19


By the Blade & Bullet 3:59


Very nice run m8! Grade A trouble maker :smile:


Have you got an Xbox too?


Nope. Someone on reddit remade.