Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Money$hot (1:51)






I was persistently spotted killing that one guard by the bar area (NPCs using ‘Instinct’ I guess). I figured I might as well do it the hard way and clear out that back yard area… By that time… The guy finally came outside to stare at his phone, and finally got the guy to come behind some items in that garage/storage area. I can only imagine the quick time involved leg shooting and knock outs, and maybe an explosion to distract everyone else while you garroted the guard by the bar. Then escaped via tuktuk before the body was found. I’m just not that good. :tired_face:


The 4 NPC are all shot in a long distance with a combatant, the contract created to exercise a combatant, haha.


Im gonna try the one on Sapienza. Sounds interesting from the name


Target locations plz


Interesting route for the first target. I climbed the pipe at 47s balcony to get on the upper floor, and lured the target into kitchen. Your route is way faster. Thanks for playing - and sorry for the late answer!


That’s okay buddy, no worries!

I always knew I could go down from that pipe, not sure I’ve ever climbed up from his floor from there, that’s a great idea I’ll have to remember!


I’m reposting my Last two contracts, both PS4.

Name: General hospital kill
It’s only hard if you don’t know how to kill the Director and know where the Screwdriver and scalpel are. but if you do, it’s insanely easy.

Look i’m a Hippy
All you need is lockpick and Concealable Knife.


Played both. Can see my results on the leaderboard. Name is raj_drmmr_87



HITMAN - Tover Offense - (3:11)



What do those letters in the bottom right corner mean?


Wait, Wut?

PS4: 2-08-7087580-82
PC: ?-??-???-??
Xbox: ?-??-???-??

Target Location: The Guard at the Pier next to the boat exit, the one on the right.

Complications: Time Limit 20 seconds. Any Method, Any Disguise


the bottom right is live barrage.


Understandable, have a nice day.


I’ve done it, finally.


  • No missed shots
  • Headshots only

It’s up on PS4 but not Xbox yet


When someone made one for Paris, and the guard/s by that exit gate, I knew it was a matter of time before someone made this one.