Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Yeah. you beat my score easily. :slight_smile:


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 This is a TOP Quality Contract and should be featured w/o a doubt (imo)


Finally I know who you are xD. I’ve seen you play my contracts with such a good time on the leaderboard I’ve wondered “who is this guy!?!?!? And how is he that good?”


The Urben Paradigm


  • PC ID: 1-03-0144238-41
  • PS4 ID: 2-03-3406716-62
  • XB1 ID: help here!


  • paradigm contracts might not be cool for speedrunners
  • favorite disguises, maps and weapons asked from dedicated paradigm players
  • i arranged targets by myself
  • have fun!


good luck everyone ;D

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Omg Pagan COntract HYPE


The Urben Paradigm recreated for PS4: 2-03-3406716-62


I think I have made something… pretty hard, though I was wondering if there were any more challenges to fit into this… so here it is!

Freedom Fighters

Start: Southern Farm Perimeter

Quince Elliot: Poison as Hacker

Mario Thompson: Fire as Militia Technician

Penelope Graves: Melee Weapon (Small) as 47 in his Suit

Maya Parvati: Assault Rifle as Militia Spec Ops

Exit: River

Extra -
Silent Assassin
Only Change Disguise specific to requirements to kill the character
Smuggled Items Allowed
No Starting Items
No starting Undercover
Killer chef not allowed
Can’t use more than 2 opportunities
Professional Mode
Complete in 2 Hour timeframe

First of all, good luck!



The Urben Paradigm - 3:52min


Gonna give it a try.


Dear 47, this is one of the more, let’s say, unusual contracts. But let’s start easy. Your targets are Alain Rocheleau and Bruce Faure, both located at the Sanguine Fashion Shown in Paris, France. Your job is, to get the two of them to kill each other. As you may think, this might turn out to be impossible. Because that’s it, they don’t even know each other. So now it’s your job to make it look like there was a fight between the two of them. A fight without a winner. The client has also choosen a special room for this. Now to the exact specifications:

  • Who and how?

Alain Rocheleau has to be killed with one bullet through the head.

Bruce Faure must die from a broken neck.

  • Where? + Location of the room?

Both need to get killed inside the room.

They need to lay side by side, a silenced weapon laying close to one of Bruce Faure’s hands.

The room is located on the second floor and in the west wing. The room has got several windows and doors. Two rhino heads can be found in the room.

  • Name and ID

Pawn to e4
ID: 3-02-2368880-59

@rattleshnake was so kind to recreate it for ps4!

Don’t forget to take a picture of the crime scene! Send it to me via private message. Good luck!



Are there any special conditions on the contract, besides what was in your post description?



  • Suit only
  • Only headshots
  • No bodies found
  • No non-target kills

But I think that they are self explaining, eg: to leave no evidence to make it look like a real fight (…)

But the kill conditions, disguise and method are “free” in the contract, because I want that people might look back at the text I posted with all the information. Except for the kill condition of Bruce Faure, it’s “without a weapon”, to make it a bit easier - could be annoying to keep the names in mind all the time, thats why.


Pawn to e4 recreated for ps4

ID 2-02-1684438-23


Wow! Thank you very much! I didn’t expected that.
The contract isn’t perfect, there are a few things I’ll do different next time. I’ll probably do a few more of these kind of contracts - if anyone’s playing them at all :sweat_smile:


I just want to note that I accidentally set it to no disguise changes instead of suit only. If you start by suit that makes it functionally the same, but yeah I just realized that when playing and felt like mentioning.


That’s no problem at all, I’m so thankful for the recreation.


Pawn to e4


Mission complete, thanks for playing! Cool style of going through the level.


Technical Issues

ID: 2-02-1729393-82