Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Oh I need to mention I used the free cam mode to tag the kills during creation. Not sure if you can recreate it with the complications but without a strat. I guess the headshot restriction alone is enough though.

And thanks :slight_smile:


Well it turns out my internet is down again so it may have to wait. Ugh.


Have I been missing something here, but how can you have suit and ninja? :confused:


There’s a suit inside 47’s suite bathroom.


What?!? I had no idea. Me got lots of ideas brewing now. :+1:


What´s your 20, Officer? Sub1 Hype


I’ve often thought there should be a thread dedicated to favorite contracts or one’s you find that aren’t posted here that you like…

  • PC Contract: Bald Boldness
  • ID: 1-02-6339233-61
  • Location: Paris



ID: 1-03-7040163-41

@JDMHatch_G @GuLe @fkgfw @mendietinha @Fortheseven @Nakar @Urben @BernardoOne @Bending_Cheese67

  • PC Contract: Silent Room
  • ID: 1-08-8132829-61
  • Location: Bangkok

This one was really fun for me guys, I hope it will be fun for you as well.

If someone wants to recreate for Xbox or PS all targets are in the big room where 47’s suite is.


A PS4 simple sniping puzzle Contract. My time was 3:26. Target is in the market place in AHBOS.


Pre-Fired by @Pagan, No Thrown Distractions + No Loadout + Only One KO + Do Not Enter Mansion

I knew right away that I wanted to do this with the other chef.

La Fantome de la Seine by @Urben (1:13)

Ehn, it’s a run I guess.


Did a run of @Ed_ll3’s Hope Springs Eternal, after stumbling upon under Trending. Does anyone know if this is an old contract of his? I was surprised to find no recent mention of it on the forum, so I’m assuming he made this awhile ago.


He posted it just over a week ago and you’ve just reminded me. I was fully intending to play it, but, you know, life and stuff gets in the way.


Yeah, I posted it up a while back but nobody picked up on it. Didn’t know it was trending as I’ve mostly been on FIFA the last few days. Anyway, good job and thanks for giving it a run-out. :slight_smile:


My run for “Bald Boldness”


PC Contract: Hi Bye
ID: 1-08-4139517-61
Location: Bangkok


The Vector: Water Tower PS4 ID 2-09-1105153-23



This is my kind of contract. I couldn’t resist…

Yookie de Rookie Tooie (8:28)

Re-created on Xbox: 3-10-7146108-05


Nice, did you do it the hard way and got one by one with hiding them?