Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Yes lol, I think I could have marked conditions from the water tower if we had the ability to tag targets from any distance (or a console camera tool). So coin luring and KO’ing had to do.


Nice one, I appreciate that you kept the order too :wink:


Cool contract by @Urben

PC - Come back down dude - 1-03-5501787-67

my run


#NoCrystalBallNoRekky #Sieger300GhostOP #PraiseBulletDistractions
Took me about 5 hours to find that exact strat. Glad it finally worked, with Kill-Cam :wink:


Here’s an easy one for you guys, hope you enjoy
Sleeping on the job: 1-10-1610609-10

PS: Let me know what you think about my description. :slight_smile:


Beast Mode unleashed


edit welp i messed up this one lol


I remade it for PC. Nice contract

edit: 2:56 :stuck_out_tongue:


@2odastream: I don’t know if it was you, but I can see from notifications that someone called Raving Dave has made a comment on my YouTube channel on your contract. For some weird reason I can’t see the comment. It’s not been flagged as spam or held for review, but it’s not displaying in the comments section. If it was you, what did you say?


Yeah, was me, I’m not using that account now. I basically just said what I added into the bottom of my 3 contract post.


The top trending contract


Colorado AO, blood money style


And @Urben

Great contract. I can’t figure out how to take out rose’s Guard yet. Got frustrated, got spotted, went into combat. 35mins later, 100+ dead. Scanned rose’s Face with his body, was just about to exit and forgot about the prisoner. Went against the all, held gun out, tried trick to drop item inside room, used nitroglycerin, blew myself up. Lmao!!!


I’ve changed it to @2odastream on my YouTube channel. It doesn’t explain why your comment is not showing up, though. I should also add that I can’t edit the actual Xbox contract and, unfortunately, it says, “Originally created by ___ on PS4”.


Silent Room


Yeah he is the hardest one, take him out quick! :wink:


Calling all puzzle solvers!
PC Contract - Going For A Swim - 1-03-8578621-76

@Urben @Nakar @mendietinha @GuLe @Pagan @theWizard @fkgfw


Been awhile since i’ve played hitman. Here’s a simple sniper contract.

Distraction Equals Death

For those who want to recreate, the exit is the basement exit (catacombs).

@MrBurn4488 @MRGaming @Nakar @hitwoman47 @CHAOS_AGENT_45


Haven’t seen you in a while m8


I got lost in Egypt :smile: (playing AC Origins)