Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Since the thread is locked now, I just wanted to let you see what I did with your contract @DaZucc
I had fun with it and did it in two different ways.
This one ended up being my final one (despite the last target and distracting the wrong npc first).

SA/SO/No KO, No FE, No Fetch Trick.


Names are for Friends 3:23

I liked this contract, challenging but still open ended to the point where I abandoned a couple completely different strategies before settling on this.


Would anybody be able to remake this contract for pc? That would be nice.


The Paris Robbery

ID: 1-02-2323130-88
4 Targets - Any/Any
Optional - Do Not Get Spotted

@fkgfw @BernardoOne @GuLe @mendietinha @C2H6O @cjgarof @Pagan @sk1y @theWizard @Urben


The Spotlight and Show

A Test :grinning:

Success :smiley:


Title: Letter Of Marque
Contract-ID: 1-02-0933643-55
Location: Paris

Have fun!


Got 2 contracts today
First one is simple but still a puzzle
Second is a straightforward and fun puzzle


Nice contract :slight_smile:


I played Test 2 and Test 3. Nice contracts :slight_smile:


I want to legshot but I have a Striker

ID: 1-06-0025301-67


The limerick I put into the briefing gave a hint. And this was the hint.
@CHAOS_AGENT_45, not sure what you’re route was but you had a fast time. Another friend of mine did it about 5 minutes with the surgeon disguise.


The briefing brought me to tears.


Apartment Hits
Thank you last guy for opening the door for me :facepunch::smiley:


Going Postal!


Here’s my newest contract (available on PC and PS4)

Tastes Like Chicken

PC Contract ID: 1-08-4785057-37
PS4 Contract ID: 2-08-6724671-82
Location: Bangkok
Targets: 4

Good luck agents!

Check the briefing for the ‘‘intended’’ way to do the contract :wink:


If I wanted to remake a contract for PC that’s on a console… I’d just copy all text (title and briefing), tag the same targets (obviously), and be sure to put the original creator’s name somewhere in the briefing (if there’s room for it)…?

Or what?


Yeah thats how, although it is favoured to keep the target order identical too.


Remade for PC…

Tastes Like Chicken

I, or any mod can change this post if necessary.


Divide & Conquer




Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve made any contracts, but was listening to Lalo Schifrin while wandering Sapienza today and this was the result.

Should be able to approach it a few ways: themed, fast, or… methodical. :wink: