Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


I got 1:20 but it was kinda sloppy.


Improved it, 1:08. Lol.


Ok, so I’m not a wizard like @Bending_Cheese67 or @SANY-72Q and I didn’t want to just copy their methods, so I continued to refine my own method and managed to achieve 4 minutes exactly. Like I say, I’m no wizard but I thought I’d share anyway, simply because it’s a totally different way of doing the mission (except one minor detail*).

*I had to use the ceiling shooting idea at the end, simply because the shop keeper woman inexplicably stopped responding to any distractions. In my original run, I used the phone to get her to the balcony, threw the golf ball behind her at her feet and blew her over the railings. This stopped working for some reason, so I resorted to shooting the ceiling so she would move. Other than that the run is totally different.


I had the same thing happen when remaking - was methodically going through the kills, and by the time it got to taking out Mantovani after a couple of loud kills she was broken in terms of responding to any kind of audio distraction.


Ehhh do it faster m8


Not into time. You said it gets harder the faster you do it. Was too easy. That’s all. :man_shrugging:

Out of curiosity, what was your time?


My time of a game (0-56)


For fans of difficult contracts - please
72Q Hell - PC: 1-10-8632943-93



Can you make one huge ass explosion to kill the last three targets? I did. XD


72Q Hell - PC: 1-10-8632943-93 - (11:21)


No poem for the briefing this time.

5 Targets, Any Method, Any Disguise.

Sniper Level, a`la Patient Zero? Maybe with a couple set-ups.

Another Day in Sapienza


Another Day in Sapienza - (2:08) PC: 1-03-3783116-37


@Urben Here’s my run :slight_smile:


I remade @I.Atmosphere.F’s Cut Off The Virus! for Xbox if anyone wants to give it a run-out.

Deets in the Featured Submissions thread (ID - 3-03-7909857-88). Got 2:23 SO but it’s not a very good run tbh. I’ll try and tidy it up or improve it a little before uploading anything.


Cut Off The Virus!
Xbox:3-03-7909857-88 Thank @Ed_ll3
Good Luck :wink:


The Gnomes


Stabbed, Sliced, Strangled (Hokkaido)
ID - 2-10-8938041-08

Let me know what you guys think of this one :slight_smile:

@rattleshnake @Prem_Raj @_AnoMade @MRGaming @Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken @immadummee47


I still think this route could be improved some with a bit of grind, but here’s a slightly better SO version of what I had last night for Cut Off The Virus!.


I had recorded my run but it failed to save, sooo yeah. All in all, a very good contract. Many ways to aproach the targets with the choice of patience or ‘distraction, run past, hope for the best’. Well done.
Btw I bet you weren’t expecting me to reply!


I hate Flowers

Sorry, I don’t know where all the Fire extinguishers are, but I would like some video showing where they are. :slight_smile: Oh, and you can’t change your starting suit. Have fun. :slight_smile: