Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Try this one!
It’s My Job


Another contract! Sorry for spamming.
The Ol’ Switcheroo

This one can be done quite fast! So this could be good speedrunners.


Just a stupid contract. I’m bored right now.



HITMAN - 72Q test on the ghost of the ninjia - (4:16)
PC: 1-10-8769294-93


Sorry for the lack of new contracts as of late.

Here’s a pretty simple one.

George Orwell (Bangkok)
ID 2-08-4854984-08

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 @immadummee47 @Prem_Raj @rattleshnake @hitwoman47


1min or less coming right up. :joy:

Edit: with better execution, it’s easily sub1.


It was meant to be easy Lol.

Nice use of the fire extinguisher too. Best part. :laughing:


Ya I love doing death by KO. That was hilarious. Lol


I watched that part a few times Lol. It was different, in a good way. :smile::smile:


Haha had the same idea for first kill like @immadummee47 Hilarious indeed :laughing:
My goal was to not use BC/FE or Duck/FE so this came out…
Fall Strat

Big One Ignition Strat


Nicely done mate, making use of the Big One is always cool to watch!

Thanks for doing my contract. :+1::+1::+1:


Ok, well in response to my own mission, it’s the most complicated motherfx%&@# thing ever! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Finally I’ve stopped being anal about everything and lost patience trying to perfect my run and just posted a time to the leaderboard… 9:37 was the best I’ve been able to achieve. All because of one of the targets, I lost at least 2 minutes of time. Damn you Yingyai Chaiprasit; for both your silly name and your insistence on listening to the instructions of security personnel in an emergency when explosions are going off!

And after all that, I see the leaderboard and I’m the only one there!


I don’t blame anyone though, it’s horribly difficult. I did record the run if anyone is interested, though I’m withholding it for the moment in the vain hope someone else might have a crack at it. I’d really like to see someone more skilled than myself pull it off though…

Yes, I’m looking at you @immadummee47 @SANY-72Q @Bending_Cheese67 and co. on PC!


I’m not on pc. On PS4. And I’m not really a leaderboard chaser. Sometimes if it’s an easy contract, but I like going for a different route or challenge that is not fast. San seems like the perfect player for speed.


Man it’s silly, I can’t think of a technical reason why contracts couldn’t be multi-platform.

Maybe there is, I dunno… :man_shrugging:t2:


So you said FE is for noobs. Haha but now I see you got 54 seconds on the leaderboard, as I was curious.
What did you do to get 54? FE? Did you make a vid? If not, can you do it again and make a vid? I just want to see if you’re a noob or not. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 I just did one of your trending contracts. Probably not the most efficient route, but a fun contract to play :slight_smile:


Lethal Pokerino + FE/Duck Bomb

Sorry, i did no video of my noob strat :innocent: :innocent: :innocent::innocent:


I knew you did it because I tried with the same strat and it was getting me 54-56 seconds. But I didn’t exit. I’ll let you have it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But at least you admit it. Haha.


I got my time down to 1:15, might try to lower it a bit later.

N00b strat ftw. Lol


ID: 3-06-5836103-24
Platform: Xbox One