Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Let me know if you need help huehue :egypt:


Aren’t we all lost in Egypt? lol


Thank you for tagging me but I avoid sniper contracts on the grounds I don’t like them


I can help you as well


I don’t need help as I’m enjoying the game as it is. It’s a lot of fun. I’m also enjoying Shadow of War


OMG my tricks and traps contract is in the trending this week. Certainly took me by surprise.


This was a joke. I only said it because I’m from Egypt haha


Maybe take a look. It’s not that annoying ( i know cos i too tend to avoid sniper contracts)


Spent a lot of time trying to get it to work, but Mekashita was getting spotted being killed, pretty cool contract.

Hope Springs Eternal | SA (Ninja)

@mungadungalis here’s a version of the strat that worked LOL


My hubs and I played this one a bunch! Very fun little contract


what’s the target? 1


Nice work @GKPunk! I do have a question, where are you shooting Hope that makes her fall over? I shoot her in the ankle, she stands up, I shoot her in the thigh she sometimes stands up. Where exactly is the sweet spot?



Thanks. Below the knee until the foot. That’s the sweet spot for the legshot which causes the NPC to fall.Hitting the feet doesn’t work, and like you said ankles, and thighs don’t work.


@TNGpnchFRTbox @_AnoMade

Chess Pieces


Thanks, and good run. It’s interesting that your time and the one I have on the board are similar, but with a much different set of kills. I’m just watching Munga’s stream now. Only an hour in and he’s got so close to what I had intended at different points so far. I’m intrigued to see if they all get pieced together by the end of the stream.

Btw, you can lure Mekashita and Max up to the cliff with two shots near them (with Max at the ground near his feet, and as long as the shots for Mekashita are far enough away from the other guard he’ll investigate on his own). Otherwise like you say it’s about finding that sweet spot in the corridor for his body to drop. The time I had when making it was around or a shade over a minute with the Baller and 300. It is possible to link them all with lures/distractions, and without harming any snowmobiles. :wink:


Perfection. And what a top quality contract by @TNGpnchFRTbox


Just a silly easy quick contract

PC Contract - Well, Well, Well - 1-09-1088150-75


Run of Wine Evoluted, a contract trending on PC


Eyes Front!
Contract ID 2-10-6126567-50

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