Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Nice run! Thanks again for playing my contract.


A trending contract…

It was by…@TNGpnchFRTbox



Here’s an SO run.


I have recreated @YupThatTastedPurple’s
contract: ‘In Memories of John “Totalbiscuit” Bain’ for PS4: 2-02-2994238-29
I have also recreated the ‘Too Easy’ series for PS4.
Paris: 2-02-4217884-29
Sapienza Town: 2-03-2273393-29
Sapienze Mansion: 2-03-4827246-29


Hey Brian, cool. I’ll try it out a bit later.


Just a couple of dumb quick ones. Lol.


This time I made something that is usually not my style but its a fun contract so give it a try :slight_smile:

Good Hunting.

Pc: 1-04-2790415-02


HITMAN - ARJ Biological Material - (0:58)



My take on your Tomochika/Yamazaki one, seeing those other vids just now it’s actually kinda a hybrid of Ano’s & Imadummee’s posted above lol, nice contract, can be done in a number of ways…


Nice run man, thanks for doing my contract!


A quick contract for our speedrunner bois. First target is the checkpoint guard near Decker’s spawn, second guy is behind the bar preparing stuff.

The Bar Bombers

ID: 1-02-5863594-67


The Paradise - Accident
PC: 1-04-0571689-18


Been chomping at the bit to play this all week, but it’s been difficult to find the time as we’re right in the middle of moving. Hopefully the new place will be fully operational by the end of the week. :pray:

Bottled Ninja Only after having to switcheroo on last dude. Nice to have you back making contracts as well. @Brian_Cartwright


Hope the move goes smoothly man! Glad you dug the contract man! I enjoyed making it. Going to try to make some nice three target contracts over the next couple weeks.


The human Trafficker

PC: 1-02-1955256-77


That last kill was nice, gg.


Have fun at not having fun.


ID: 1-02-6770312-67


What’s so “not fun” about this?
And who is this guy on what map?


I’m gunna bet it’s the guy near the 2 girls in the locker room in Paris. & Shots will probably scatter or go through him, even if they kill him.


You’re going to need some serious trigger discipline for that one.