Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


NotLikeThis 0:29


So did you have “not fun”?


Studio Hipsters (Sapienza/ The Icon)
ID 2-05-5429896-08

@immadummee47 @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @_AnoMade @rattleshnake


Wait, have hit boxs for naked guys with his model been fixed?


No, @Atmosphere got it done anyway :clap:


The planned elimination 1
PC ID: 1-03-7637972-93


The planned elimination 2
PC ID: 1-06-9065864-93


Саня ты хочешь бусурман замучать?


Димону эти контракты подкинешь?


72Q Difficult labyrinth of death
PC ID: 1-10-5291815-93


Just a stupid contract I made. Kinda fun though.


Combo #5 with Fries

Colorado, 5 Targets, Any Method (I would’ve kept the original kill methods, but apparently those aren’t… they’re not gunna get played).

Not sure if this would be fast-food (speed-runner friendly) or not.


72Q Evil source - 1 PC: 1-08-8788358-93

47й! Эти люди занимаются продажей людей на органы и на медицинские исследования. Необходимо уничтожить этот источник зла 47! За дело!

The 47th! These people are engaged in sale of people on organs and on medical researches. It is necessary to destroy this source of the evil 47! Let’s get down to work!


72Q Evil source - 2
PC: 1-06-9155736-93

47й! Наша разведка вышла на посредников в Марракеш. Не приближайтесь к ним близко, они смогут вас расскрыть. Используйте все нужные вам средства атаки. 47! За дело!

The 47th! Our investigation quitted on intermediaries to Marrakech. Do not get closer to them close, they will be able to reveal you. Use all means of the attack necessary to you.
47! Let’s get down to work!


72Q Evil source - 3
PC: 1-10-5976637-93

47й! Даём вам координаты следующих целей - исполнителей. Японская клиника Хоккайдо, четыре человека, исполнители. Ликвидируйте всех! 47! За дело!

The 47th! We give you coordinates of the following purposes - performers. Japanese clinic of Hokkaido, four persons, performers. Liquidate all! 47! Let’s get down to work!


72Q Evil source - 4
PC: 1-03-8933107-93

47й! Мы вышли на заказчика, отправляйтесь в Италию в Сапиенцу, найдите заказчика и устраните его. 47! За дело!

The 47th! We quitted on the customer, go to Italy to Sapienza, find the customer and remove it. 47! Let’s get down to work!


Combo #5 with Fries 1:59 @Tetrafish_21

nice contract


Nice, quaint contract.


Vest Envy
Recreated for Xbox
ID 3-02-0450076-51
Original ID 2-02-0230438-30

This Contract is Top Class :ok_hand:t3:
Credit to @TNGpnchFRTbox for creating this


Now with S2 in the pipe, S1 feels old for the first time :frowning:

Border Conflicts


One of those face-burnt