Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


The blackmailers
ID: 1-03-4649291-77


rough night so here’s another

A cure for a Backstabbing disorder





It’s been some time, so here are two to make up for it. The first one I created after my recent epic project of documenting all of the Abiatti dialogue in Landslide. So the story behind the briefing is very authentic. The second one is just for fun, but has lots of freedom of approaches; it all takes place in the Swedish consulate in Marrakesh.

Title: Despicable Men
Contract ID: 3-04-3985856-05
Location: Sapienza by Sunet (Landslide)

Title: Mirrored Beauty
Contract ID: 3-06-1903589-05
Location: Marrakesh


Some trending contract



Rem’s Evidence Run

and something for Vest Envy


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With a name like that how could I refuse? Good targets, and more importantly, underused targets!


Ting goes 47
PS4 ID: 2-03-9942115-94

Flying Butter FX
PS4 ID: 2-06-0295916-94

Good Luck 47.


Some proper contracts to play when I get back sweet.


Challenge accepted when I get back I also need to replay a bunch.


How many contracts are you at now? A Couple thousand or so.


It’s my 1046th contract :wink:

(36 sites á 29 contracts+2)


How do I blur messages like that? I’ve seen people do it on youtube as well.



Lol this helps alot thank you.


The Baar Maalouf/Engstrom Rivalry (Marrakesh)
ID 2-06-0950908-08
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Not quite sure what to make of this one?

Title: Murderous Menu
Contract ID: 3-02-7754400-05
Location: Paris


what’s your time?


Shocking Celine (Paris)
ID 2-02-0501286-08

@immadummee47 I think you’ll like this one. :slight_smile: