Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


One Of Those Face-Burnt 3:02 @Urben


On Vacation…
PC: 1-10-1535201-18

Have fun!


Very nice and comedic with you knock-out spree :joy:




I’ve done it in 2.04.

And thanks for re-creating it. It probably has a few ways to be done, but one of the reasons I said I wasn’t sure about it is because I designed it with a particular route in mind, making it a bit of a puzzle contract. Depending on the method you use, another reason I’m not sure is because drowned targets tend to troll. My particular route has him as the last target and if you’re waiting for him to decide whether or not to puke in a bin or a toilet, it can shave valuable seconds off a speed-run. By the way, I tested it numerous times and in all that time, if you get him to a bathroom, then he never once puked in the bin.


Coffee Morning
Ok @_AnoMade I made a new one without disguise restriction: 2-03-0212565-29


Two contracts by @CHAOS_AGENT_45


Oops! I’ve just discovered that this contract (targets / kill conditions) has already been done by @Nakar.

But if you want to play it on Xbox, then here’s my version. All four targets are in the rear-yard on The Source map.

As he said, it could be quite easy or hard, depending on how you want to play it. Maybe sniper kills without entering the yard? How about loud shotgun? Enjoy.




Here’s my fetch trick extravaganza :stuck_out_tongue: (SA/SO) on Despicable Men


Sniper in the Moonlight

My only really semi-interesting contract. Bangkok: The Source

I’d be curious to find people’s strategies on this one as I can’t really improve my time much further.

I'm the curator for July!

@SupremeCommanderIke’s Freedom Isn’t Free (0:49)


1:30 now, straight to the toilet :rofl:


Paris Contract



“Internal Affairs”

Location: GAMA Hospital, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Good morning 47,

Your targets are the infamous Katashi Ito and two of his accomplices, Tenri Shinosaki and Hanna Olsen. All three are involved with an illegal organ harvesting ring out of Central Africa. Our client believes it is due time for their retirement.

She specifically requests that all three be executed with shotguns for a messy yet efficient death.

It is imperative that you remain undetected and use only your suit. Their bodies must also be completely disposed of.

Good luck, 47.

Here’s a PC Contract I came up with this afternoon. ID 1-10-1830342-22

It’s a damn shame you can’t mark Soders as a target. I’d have had him as a target under the condition that his heart remain unharmed so it could be returned to Africa.


Sheikh The Killer



Trending contract by @rattleshnake


Didn’t know that was trending, awesome job thanks for playing. Here’s what I did with it.


@Bending_Cheese67 good contract!!!

The Sheik’s Revenge 0:58



This ended up being a fun contract.
The honest chaps, SA/SO/no ko