Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


This one could be good for speed running, have fun!
Quick Prep


Gonna watch your run now. Same with you @REPUBLICAN1992


I’ll watch your run when I get home later, for now here’s my run of the second part in that series, The Colletti Files #2: Flatline


I’m working on this at the moment. I got a pretty cool walking strat that lines up BEAUTIFULLY. I’ll watch yours afterwards. Are you making more?


Yeah probably two more, I’m thinking the next one will involve taking out either the client’s bookkeeper or ex-wife. Can’t wait to see what you do with #2, I was concerned that contract was maybe too linear.


Ok here’s what I did. Lined up perfectly for my strat.
Will watch yours now.


That really was beautiful timing particularly on Miller, awesome strat.


At first I was doing KOs as I thought I couldn’t do it without them. But then I did something accidentally and saw that I could just use bullet distractions. lol.
So I went the no ko route. And ya, it really did line up perfectly.


Red Middle Course



Colletti Files #3: Midnight in Paris

Nelle really does speak of an ex being a congressman.


5 down



Title: Babes In Blue
Contract ID: 3-05-4913237-05
Location: Sapienza by Night (Icon)


Who has got the kahoonies?
Silent Sniper Assassin, Suit Only, no KOs. :sunglasses:


I’m too lazy to create this contract so I did it in a different one. It can probably be done faster using that item drop glitch but I don’t like that stupid glitch.


That was slick. Nice job getting to him.
But what glitch do you mean? The one to drop items through walls?

I shot Konny long distance. :slight_smile:


Yup. Drop Napoleon to lure him to the basement.


Lmao at this SA.


Sun-drenched Town





Did the challenge. Dumped Mario down the well.
And a speedrun as well.