Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Here’s a contract that I think you can have a lot of fun with.

Title: Four Foyer Fatalities
Contract ID: 3-02-4588810-05
Location: Paris


Here is a contract that you will have fun with. Enjoy!!!

Title: The Mungadungalis Conundrum
Contract ID: 3-03-9137582-79
Location: Sapienza

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Saw this in other thread, good contract.
Could be further optimized but this is the idea


0:42 in-game time: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Trending contract on PS4 from @hitwoman47 that I really enjoyed.

Regular run & suit only…


add complication hide all bodies


There’s a hide spot in the sewers so it would be pointless on the well Push, but maybe better on the speedrun vid.


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Yo! NICE M8! Beautiful, thanks for playing I really appreciate it! <3


Where are the targets?


They’re all on the first floor balcony as you enter the palace in Paris. One of the bodyguard is on the sheikh’s door, the technical crew wanders along and sits on the chair to use his phone, the security guard patrols from side to side, and the other bodyguard goes half way down the stairs after Viktor has made his grand entrance.


Here’s a pair of story based contacts.

Title: Dexter’s Designation
Contract ID: 3-10-3400525-05
Location: Hokkaido

Title: Dexter’s Designation 2
Contract ID: 3-10-5134576-05
Location: Hokkaido


I will share my mission from bending_cheese’s thread.


Awesome run. Thanks for playing it @Ed_ll3


Title: The Pyudy Paradigm
Contract ID: 1-03-6111740-37
Location: Sapienza

Complications: Hide all bodies and no pacifications.

I can’t say I scoured the whole level for people named ‘Stefano’. Besides, I prefer guards/bodyguards for targets. Beats the poor schmucks at the end of piers, lol.


‘‘Sun-drenched Town’’ Sa’d


Nice one m8 thanks for playing :wink:


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I cbf to make a thread or sort the tags, but the new batch of featureds are up. Pic. if anyone doesn’t have them available and wants to check it:

From skimming them, grats to Cheese, Urben, double Euler, Wiz, Koda, schnake, Chaos, Purple, etc.