Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Nice, none of my picks huehue


Fun contract @Euler13 !!


what did you pick? huehue


But you made this post. Lmao.


If you want to sort through them and add to your post count be my guest. lmao


But you already did that. In fact, adding an @ would have saved you time since it auto fills for you. So at the end of the day, you cbf, but you actually did more work. Lmao.

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Yay one I actually submitted to be featured. :slight_smile: Have fun peeps, congratz to the others!


Crappy batch once again. Looks like the devs don’t give a f about season 1 now.


But my at button is broken…


Not many new contracts to pick from. Created contracts have slowed drastically. What do you expect?


Made my first contract with extra complications. Hope you enjoy (on PC)




A fun little contract with lore, may be a candidate for featured ones (tell me if you played it).

ID: 1-16-4860124-59


Missed getting this in the featured contracts, by || that much. I hope reposting here is okay. I dislike the idea of self-promotion anyway… But this was too exciting (IMO) to not try to get it into the featureds. Yeah. I typed that.

Is Everything Scopacetic?
Contract ID: 1-02-9368092-37
Mostly Sniper kills, 5 targets.

There’s no time limit on this one, buuuuut… Eh, you’ll see (spoiler below the pic). :laughing:


If you kill the 1st listed target the obvious way, you may get one or more guards running towards your location. This adds to the intensity once you realize things could go to sh*t if you’re not quick (but not too quick).


There are still way better contracts (new/old) than these in the game. You can find random contracts from searching tab which are much better than these. I can volunteer if they want to.


Well can’t you do the same then? It’s just that Clemens isn’t a supastah like you. Have you seen the live streams? lol.


PC 1-10-0558685-77

The fall of GAMA


The Black Hat Duo (Sapienza)
ID 2-03-9090660-08

@rattleshnake @hulinada25 @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @immadummee47 @_AnoMade @hitwoman47


There’s only one black hat in these parts.


With some help, I got the PC version of this game. so I redid even that I misspelled a little, sorry guys. XD

old PS4
I hate flowers (fix)

And new slightly misspelled PC version. XD
I hate Floowers