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On the old forum we had a thread for Absolution contracts made by members of HitmanForum. A lot of these were picked to appear as featured contracts so I thought it could be a good idea to do the same thread again. This won’t get updated until Friday, just getting it in there early.

Post your contracts below. I’ll update the original post frequently with everyone’s additions.

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Here’s what I was doing at IO Interactive the other day - Making one of the first featured contracts to be in the game! Give it a try…


Anyone created a contract yet?


You were at their facility?


Aye, for a Contracts event. Most of the featured contracts for the launch were created by people who attended on the day. :blush:


Made one on PS4 called “Here in my Garage”. Do try it out, it’s actually quite tricky :stuck_out_tongue:

Also it doesn’t seem like accidents register, oh well :confused:


yeah, it seems that accidents are ommited from the kill by screen :confused:

that and the creator doesn’t seem to appear on the leaderboard itself. anywho:

my ps4 contract


Made my first HITMAN contract. It’s called “The Paris X-Po”, go try it out. It is quite tricky. And play by the rules, the game didn’t let me choose an axe as the weapon, but insisted using “Lethal Melee”.

EDIT: Made a second one, even trickier I think. This one is called “Hats Off” and it has four targets.


Here’s one I just made called “Night at the Museum”.

Is there a way to search for contracts, or do they just become lost in a flood of new ones???


here’s two new ones on my pc copy:


Well, I just published my first contract for PC. My run through of it is by no means perfect, and I’m sure you can do it in a really cheap way as well, but there it is. “Novikov Park Meeting”.


Not at the moment, but this feature is in the pipeline.


I searched and found a thread for this for absolution but I don’t believe there is one for the new game. Post your contracts with screenshots or photos of the details for others to complete. Hopefully one day we will be able to search for other users contracts but for now I think this is the next best thing.

Here is one to start the topic off I just made. All targets must be killed using the disguise listed however just a tip you may need to swap disguise to get Sir Humphrey into a more secluded area before swapping back to kill him. All kills to be done silently without being spotted or recorded by cameras. Weapon doesn’t matter so much as last long as you take them out silently so feel free to chop, slash or snap your way through the targets.

Hope some people can find a use for this thread and find some enjoyment in it. People could also post screenshots right after making a contract or just before they publish them. People would then be able to quickly search for them and hopefully find them before they are lost.

P.s just about to publish this now ;-).


Problem is, this one works because all your targets are unique NPCs but if I show you a contract with bodyguards, waiters, etc. You have no way of knowing which NPCs I’m talking about.

We really need the ability to search contracts…


That is a good point indeed :disappointed:.


I’m not touching contracts mode until it’s fixed.


Fair enough just thought it might add some more play time for some people but the thread has bombed :laughing: worth a try.


The only one I’ve made is so far is St. Claire and her two moles. (One of them is named Hailey, forgot the others name) I didn’t put much thought into it to be honest, I just thought it would be a cool twist to actually have 47 protect Viktor and Dahlia from St. Claire.


The moles I could do but does ST. Claire move?


I might give yours a try, but yeah it’s frustrating spending two hours trying to create a contract and then having it lost after 10 minutes…


Hello guys, nice to meet you all!

I’m a bit of a Forum lurker but I thought I’d break the ice and introduce myself with what I think is a reasonably challenging contract that I’ve made for the Showstopper level. I’ve been loving the game so far the last few weeks (despite the bugs and load time) and feel at this point that I know the Paris level inside-out. My contract is called ‘MI6’s Revenge’, and I’ve written a brief for it below.

It’s a bit hard to find custom contracts in the game at the moment, as there doesn’t appear to be a search function, but if you can’t find it you can recreate it yourself to play.

The first person to complete my contract (including at least one of the optional SAS objectives) and upload a video of it, will win a signed copy of my Oscar-nominated film, Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah. Have fun; I look forward to seeing some challenging user-made contracts posted on here!

And happy hunting,

Adam Benzine


Greetings 47,

MI6 has contracted the ICA to enact revenge for the theft of its non-official cover list. We’ve booked you a ticket to Paris, where you will find five targets awaiting you at the Sanguine fall fashion show. The British organization has set strict rules for this mission, and failing to obey any one will result in an instant mission failure, along with forfeit of any payment. Your targets are as follows:

  • Dalia Margolis, Martha Herris and Congressman James K. Walsh (US$200,000

These three co-consipirators were responsible for the theft of the NOC list. Margolis recruited Herris, who was introduced to a high-level British official via Ohio congressman James K. Walsh. The theft is unacceptable, and MI6 demands that all three be made examples of. All three are to have their throats slit. The head of MI6 wants to call Viktor Novikov personally and tell him where he can find the bodies, as a warning, so all three corpses must be hidden.

  • Sheik Salman Al-Ghazali and Tren Po (US$300,000 each)

There are two additional high-value targets. Sheikh Al-Ghazali has been a thorn in the side of MI6 for some time, repeatedly attempting to blackmail and undermine the British intelligence services during negotiations with Abu Dhabi. Tren Po, meanwhile, is the violent and temperamental son and heir to elderly North Korean leader Sung-hyun Po.

Both are rarely seen in public and their presence in Paris presents MI6 with a tremendous opportunity for regime change in the Emirates and Korea respectively. However, both targets’ deaths must appear to be accidents. Any link back to MI6 would be catastrophic.

Never spotted. Kill only targets. All kills must take place while wearing signature suit. Body discoveries are acceptable for accidents only. Costume changes are permitted for found clothes, but knockout/undress is forbidden. Wipe camera tapes before any camera sees you. Start at the palace gates and exit the mission by boat, carrying a sniper rifle on your back.
Maximum permitted pacifications: 1


SAS medal 1: (US$50,000)
Zero pacifications

SAS medal 2: (US$75,000)
Suit only and no use of instinct

SAS medal 3: (US$100,000)
Exit the level carrying at least 12 coins in your inventory

SAS medal 4: (bragging rights only)
Exit the level by boat, carrying either the battle-axe or the sabre (instead of the sniper rifle)