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Same time, different route. Strike FTW indeed.


Sudoku Puzzle SA (34s)

Striker double kill with 2 different disguises PogChamp


Alley Bully — ID: 1-06-0108895-67

alley bully

It may not look like it, but I put alot of thoughts into this one the last two days. I tried around if I should add more or other targets, make it any-disguise, make it not any-method and so on. This final setting is still somewhat hard for not so advanced players, so I made the complications optional. This way, if one really can’t fulfill them, can atleast exit the mission.

The idea behind it is that there are no containers near the targets. Who are near the army truck keys btw. One has to use containers on the ground level. Also, it is almost impossible to not encounter other soldiers while doing so, so depending on how many you have to knock out, you might even run out of containers. In my strat I only have to KO one or two. So it is not too extreme, promised!

Have fun with this one! :grin: Have not done a good run yet, but 2:10min-ish should be what I’d call a decent time.


Time to beat: alley-bully


Hey Johnny got within 4 secs of you! I’m proud of this run, nice contract:


Title: Inception

ID: 2-06-5972864-21

Targets: 4

Platform: PS4


Did a bunch of other people’s contracts, will post them later. For now, here’s two of mine:

Soft, Then Hard (2:00)

Surprised nobody figured this out. The contract name was the hint. Just think about the possibilities with stuff like this. Two pistols was always somewhat pointless before (absent one for panics), but the Silverballer and Striker make a fearsome portable and concealable combo.

The Gunslinger’s Reckoning (0:55)

@GuLe beat this time easily, but the main goal here was to show off an interesting quirk of the firing range, specifically that shooting an unsilenced weapon from there seems to result in everyone ignoring you even if you just shot somebody in the face.


Very nice run @hitwoman47, thanks for playing!

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Disconnected by @kat (1:57)

Way faster ways to do this I’m sure.

The Cleaner by @JDMHatch_G, 0M/SO/FW/NP (4:22)

Zero Mastery + Suit Only + Fiber Wire + No Pacifications

Surprisingly fast considering the extreme detour to Maino.

Lab Sniper by @Markie (2:36)

I’m 99% sure there’s a sub-1:00 strategy for this involving a shot distraction to bring Franny’s bodyguard up the attic stairs, but I couldn’t manage it without sending him into panic/lockdown mode. It should be possible though.

Unsafehouse by @Spods (1:36)

Not the fastest possible run of this but meh. Wanted to do a Striker run but I couldn’t come up with an interesting way to do it.

47’s Package by @TNGpnchFRTbox (4:00)

Tried a guard start and setting everyone up first, but this ended up being faster.

Cave Fight by @TNGpnchFRTbox (1:36)

Had to think about this one for a while, and ultimately went with the funniest possible option. I suspect sub-1:00 is possible.

Swedish Ninja by @Markie, SO/NS/NBF (3:31)

Suit Only + Never Spotted + No Bodies Found

This contract kind of sucked. I mean, it’s a great concept, and there are some amazing time saves that would get this under 2 minutes, but the randomness of stuff and the insane number of guards in the consulate who headturn constantly makes it aggravating.

The Show Ripper by @Pagan (1:37)

Striker shenanigans sure are somethin’.


Title: State Of Affairs
Contract-ID: 1-06-6436759-55
Location: Marrakesh


Have fun!

My contract appeared under the Trending tab (somehow), so I figured I’d post my run, since I optimized it after the Striker came out.


Alley Bully by @Urben, SO/HAB (3:01)

I’m sure this is doable with no KOs at all. The only sticky widget are the two guys on the bottom floor and there are non-knockout ways to delay them a while.


@Urben A bit redundant now, but here’s my solution anyway


How do u get the BREACH EXPLOSIVE it’s not in my inventory

mastery level 5 sapienza :joy::joy:

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I made 2, for xbox, the first id is : 3-10-5631296-18
the second is: 3-10-7731591-18
pls let me know what u think, and thanks!

really cool run or Cave Fight. here is my intended strat for 47’s Package

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Well done @Nakar, @fkgfw and @YoshiOfADown! I did not think about pushing both guys through through the same window. I quite liked that one has to handle the outside guy when he sees one of the accidents. Maybe I should have added a third target, like one of the radio guys to the contract.

But it would feel cheap to do that just because you did not do what I wanted. :grin:

EDIT: WHAT LOL #10000 @Jarbinger
check em


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