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Bizarre is a canny word for this game atm; seems like one thing is fixed and another five break. Some of the changes seem totally unnecessary, and I don’t know if it’s our internet connection or stress on the game server(s), but disconnects are a thing again, and it feels like there’s a lot of delay on input functions and kills registering.

That aside, nice run. :smile:

Have you played 6 yet? The season finale in Colorado is a lot of fun. This was my second or third attempt at it:

Can be done a lot quicker, probably 4:30/5-ish with some proper planning. I was rushing to get it finished before the maintenance though, which added a bit of magic to a tricky infiltration.

Been playing some of S2 as well; I haven’t SA’d it yet (was checking it out yesterday afternoon), however there’s a tidy Icon contract which really manages to put some life into an otherwise dull map.

@Silverballer - Did you post this one here, can’t remember? Either way, really enjoyed it!


Not yet. I’m looking forward to it, but between new update, not feeling well, and being very busy at the moment I’m not getting in as much Hitman as I’d like. :disappointed:


Hope you’re feeling better soon bud. Don’t think the brutal weather or fresh January germs help. Pretty much the whole house has been struck down with various colds and things at points in the last few weeks.

I tend to write contract names down and get through as many as possible; even playing a couple a day, there’s still around 40-50 to get through… hopefully, at some point. :smile:


Yes, I do the same. :grinning:

I’ve got quite a few to get through at the moment too. I know that @Remedy has created a season of contracts and has always done some great ones in the past, so I’m probably going to move to them after doing @Forsane’s 6/6.


@Euler13 Thanks! I really loved your contracts, too, especially the contract “A Variety of Cuts.” Very challenging, I need to do it later.

Along with that, @Forsane’s series is very intriguing. I need to work on them.


I got my computer fixed! Now I can post pictures now. I made a contract in Landslide.

You know when you mark a target it’ll mark what they are, like “Chef, Waiter, Mansion Security, etc.”

When I marked these people, they had professions and you couldn’t take their disguise, which I thought was pretty cool.

Top Vote: 3-04-1073970-49

Challenging to normal players. Hehehe.

For precision, I added the suit restraint. Sorry!


Yup, that was my one. Glad to see you enjoyed it.


Xbox One Contract :slight_smile:

5 Targets on the 27 Club Mission on the Bangkok map.


Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of @Remedy contracts to get through including the Angels series, plus a fair share from @Silverballer and @scm97tl iirc. I think some of them date back to before Christmas, and now the Landslide contracts are starting to trickle in too. :dizzy_face:

Here’s the first part of Wyman (S2):

Kaiseki (2:56)

Got a couple to go, so will probably post the rest as a full season once they’re done.


Don’t forget about the elusive contract :wink: You don’t have to play all mine, some aren’t that good.


I had as well. :expressionless:

What was the deadline again?


4th January, but I may extend it so @Euler13 and @scm97tl can play.


I have been absent of contracts mode becausr of a mix of college work and also the new Pro mode and Landslide. Might come back this Saturday.


Spent best part of four hours trying to do a perfect run on yours. Got very close and then suddenly a load of different things decided to go wrong that never had. Anyway, this is a lower score run that I did capture earlier for a laugh.

Awesome contract btw!

Also, any idea why Stalagtite kill does not seem to count as an accident. It came up as ‘body found’, I thought in an accident body found doesn’t apply?


It’s originally made by @STEVEORSOMTHING, but he’s on PS4 so I remade it for XB. Nice one for playing it though, it’s a fun contract to mess around on with lots of kill options. I have some more of Steve’s contracts remade, so feel free to add me on XB if it’s easier to search like that (GT - Ed ll3).

I think the accident is fine, and it’s the kill with the Pale Duck which got you ‘Noticed Kills’ and ‘Body Found’ as it would have counted as an explosion rather than an accident. If you place a propane tank next to the guard, and then the duck a little further away, that would count as an accident and you would keep the bonus.


Okay cool that’s fair play. I shall add you if it makes finding contracts easier.

I didn’t do the stalagtite kill in that run through but a later one I did and as soon as the bodyguard died it came up as Body Found regardless of the fact that the only other body in the game was hidden at the time.


I’m very glad you liked it! The stalagtite didn’t count as accident? That’s a bummer but it’s still fun to pull off. Stay tuned for more coming later. Me and my buddy @Silverballer are planning something big.


Like I said, it is a great contract, I’m just a bit confused about the accident kills.

Okay so below I have a video which basically shows the run I was going to do without me completing it in the end. I’m sure you can see the guy who gets poisoned - his body is found, the stalagtite guy body found both of whom are accidents(?) then of course the final guy has his body found as I didn’t bother hiding that one. Maybe I worked for hours on a route that was just pointless :sweat_smile: I’m not sure if anyone can replicate it and have any success or just point out something that I have completely missed.


I thought I’d try out the new contract timer.

Silence of The Lambs (6/6) (5:43)

@Forsane: Nice final contract in a great series. Thanks!


Managed to get it in the end 1:43. Just nabbed @Ed_ll3 in the score!
Tbf he did just use Fiber Wire!