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@Ed_ll3: Nice run, Ed. I managed to get a run this evening which I was pleased with. It was a fun, but surprisingly difficult contract. Despite the school yard being a fairly deserted area there were a lot of keen eyes. That woman (both of our last targets) was a right pain. I had a plan where I subdued her at the beginning and left her body next to the well to throw down at the end, but everything else went out of sync. This was the best I could come up with in the end. The good old mix-tape came in very useful.

Tumbling Education Standards (5:34)



Good job @Euler13. I took the disguise path first originally too, but the guy sitting in the yard would react to coins for a second, then stop by the step and sit back down again. Didn’t think to try the tape! After that I tried to snag the girl first and head back to the yard (so taking out the two who diverge asap), but had to fall back on a slow reliable route to get the job done.

You’re right, it was deceptively tricky; and I’ve not spent too much time in the yard area on HBOS so that was a nice change.


Post No Bills
PC Contract, Marrakesh


@Euler13 @Ed_ll3 I am glad you guys dug it. I went back to HBOS after playing a bunch of Landslide. I didn’t think I had really explored the map and routines enough. It’s why I decided to mess around in the school yard. And @Ed_ll3 it is probably a good idea to bring the mixtape on most of my contracts. :smile: It should definitely be a default equip on my stuff.


Duly noted. :smile: @Brian_Cartwright

Having played HBOS and Colorado yesterday, it was noticeable how both lack the verticality found in most of the other levels. I wonder if that’s one of the reasons they lack a little. It’s like with the Himmapan; while the main mission lacks a bit, it’s got a lot of fun contracts.

Talking of the Himmapan, I gave this a try @ILikeGAMESish:

The Himmapan Opium Company

I wanted to poison the lone guard initially, but the amount of NPC eagle-eyes through the balcony was ridiculous.


Well played! Great run!


I have this contract recreated on PC for a while: 1-04-4185863-73
(It’s a pity that not so many interesting contracts can be seen on PC platform.)


@Quine makes some contracts that look pretty cool to me, I recreated one and it took a lot of creative thinking :wink:


Thank you!

For a while it seemed like PC was the place where most contract creation took place, but it’s now really taken a backseat to the consoles for some reason. It ebbs and flows, I guess.


Yeah, most contract seem to be PS4 or Xbox these days. Considering how small the Xbox community is, we sure as hell make a lot of contracts.


@kat are you the one who completed @OKIGorgon’s ‘Welcome to Hell’ SA?

If so, then you truly have the patience of a God.


I do remember that one, which took me about 10 times restart until it’s done.
The sort of ‘never want to do it again’ contracts. So after I’ve achieved SA once, that’s all.


Honestly i feel like the PS4 fan base is kinda dwindling these days. :confused:


@Silverballer It´s difficult to find good and quality Contracts on PS4 too.
For Example Sniper Contracts: 90% are Contracts killing People in Public or NPC that don´t move–>Never doable SA (maybe doable in 1h by luring all with Coins in a dark Corner, but why should i use a Sniper for them??). Sniper Contracts in Sapienza are most the same boring Targets (2 Church Guys, 2+3 Fishing Man and the 2 Bodyguards near the 3 Fishman). Finding other good Contracts (Non Sniper) is just random, cause the newest Contracts will be shown first.

IOI should precise the Searching funktion: Searching by: Members, Most Played Contracts, sort by date, and a button to like the Contract, so you can find them by searching “Most liked”. Also a “Convert” or “Recreate” Funktion would be cool to recreate PC on PS4 or XBOX


Generally, most contracts you find just via search are pretty low-quality.

You’re better off searching for contracts in this thread (@STEVEORSOMTHING makes some good ones, check out some of his serieses on here: Contract Series Thread (2016) )

Anyway, there’s also the Sub Reddit:


Phi Krasue
PC Contract

In Thai lore, Phi Krasue are ghosts of women who died during childbirth. Appearing as floating heads with entrails dangling beneath, they eat the intestines of pregnant women.

A rival of Thomas Cross would like to exploit this myth to ruin the Himmapan. We have identified five women in early stages of pregnancy. If they were to come to violent ends, and their secret conditions were discovered through autopsy, suspicion would fall upon a Phi Krasue. And who would stay at a haunted hotel?


Couple of new contracts for Landslide (amid the current chaos :smile:). Loving this map as well, the atmosphere is superb and it’s a nice break from the serious undertones of Pro mode. :slight_smile:

Falling Man

A rich bohemian had an epiphany in the dead of night: what if corruption does not shadow the misuse of power, but instead its origins can be found in our descent from the heavens?

Be it peak of madness or… otherwise, our client, Silvestro Pugliesi, wants to taste state corruption for the first time, then be free: to purify state bodies and transcend. However brief, he requests the sky over Sapienza be clear for a time before the dawn chorus. Good luck, 47. I will leave you to prepare.

[B][U]Pump Fiction[/U][/B]

Good evening, 47. Our client, budding director and… film aficionado Silvio Caruso, passed us information that one of the apartment buildings in Sapienza has been taken over by Marco Abiatti’s bodyguards during his visit.

With the resident street performer on a brief sojourn from the town, and dissatisfied with the entertainment accompanying Abiatti’s recent invasion, the client was rather hoping you could bring something altogether more cinematic to proceedings. In bocca al lupo, 47.


PS4 contract
@Torbjorn_IOI @Travis_IOI @Morten_IOI


Damn, 47 is one cold bastard.


What system are these on?