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Any item like that gets lost if you cause for a NPC to enter in 2 cicles of picking it up (2 throws to call the atention. Not always happens but it’s frequent). In case of audio distractions, let an NPC to pick it up if it is stuck and when the NPC has it in hand, KO the NPC and you can again pick up the object. Doesn’t works with other objects like the concealable baton because the NPCs don’t pick them up.


Wow, didn’t know that. Is that intentional, or just the game bugging out?

I took to running for the bust as that would allow me to pick it up after the subdue some of the time (as in the video, but it would still lock up a lot even then).


Remember when at release we couldn’t pick up coins after an NPC noticed them and only we could pick them up after said NPC that picked them up was KO/killed? It’s the same case.


Thanks for the pressie, bro!

That’s an awesome run, great technique with getting the directors disguise at the beginning. I’ve never really used the audio distraction device so I will have to experiment. I managed to get him into 47’s room once or twice by getting lucky with an emetic syringe nearer the bottom of the ramp and distracting him with coins from the bin the in the corridor outside the room.

I think you’re right with the last three kills and being able to save time, I may give it a shot in the morning after work. Yuki’s kill was also pretty sweet!

Thanks for running it, man, always a pleasure to watch people decimate my work :smiley:


If you want an audio device that doesn’t makes civilians go and call the guards, you can use the cellphone and the Napoleon Blownaparte (just keep in mind that you shouldn’t leave the cellphone working because if someone answers it, it goes boom).


I do now. :wink:

It was an advantage on this contract in a way, as I could leave the mixtape running and it would work as a nice distraction while putting the bodyguard disguise in place. Thanks though: good to know a technique for gettting it back if needed.


Series 3 - Wyman Culinary


Yo Remedy, the third number in the contract is an 8 not a 3! I couldn’t find it when I searched with the ID.

Anyway, great contract. I don’t know if there is a quicker way to exit. I do know that I got incredibly lucky with the security cameras! In the title I creditted it to your gamertag but acknowledged your username in the description, let me know if you want me to change it :slight_smile:

A Killer Party (59 seconds)

EDIT: I think another few seconds can come off but I tidied that run up and got 57.


Rat in the Lab

PC ID: 1-03-7045211-41

Map: Sapienza

Briefing: This contract has been issued on 1 target. Our client is Francesca, her employee is about to quit. A. Russo was really important person about developing the Virus. According to gossips, he’ll be hired by another chemical company. So she wouldn’t let him go with bunch of private informations.

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Fallen Shadows - The Cobbles Beneath (1:28)

@Aegis_Chrome: Nice.


Thanks! What did you like, what improvements do you have, etc.?


Each contract has its place and challenges. Personally I do like Suit Only contracts (assuming the location lends itself to that), but I also like no restrictions on kill methods. It maximises creativity. Focusing on three targets was good too.

Somehow I missed the first in the series, but I seem to recall @mungadungalis playing something with that title (Fallen Shadows) on his stream a couple of weeks ago. Should I play it?


Well, the first one has assigned kills, but Suit Only, and the story of it doesn’t connect as of yet, so you can if you like.


I liked the part where I finished it so I’d never have to play it again


I’ve got a slightly different run of it uploading atm. The guy with the goatee (Camerini) was being a nightmare. :joy:


The sad thing is I say the same about most of my own contracrs!


Hope it didn’t cause any disdain towards the contract. How did you find it?


No, not at all. I played this after Hokkaido, and it was nice to have something different to work on.

Contracts are like music or other arts in a way; sometimes you want something light, other times something heavier depending on mood. :slight_smile:


There you go, finally uploaded:


You could get this down to 1:15 or less, but I waited at the exit a fair while for accident kill to pop to make sure of the SA. Reason being, the couple of dozen tries before that Camerini would do this weird loop to retrieve ducky (causing him to get caught in the duck blast rather than the scooter):


Fantastic run, @Ed_ll3.

This happened in that horrid escalation where practically everyone became an enforcer. He’d either take the direct route to the scooter or that D-shaped loop. For me he nearly always did that weird loop. You can still take him out for an accident kill on that loop, but you need to explode the duck just as he comes back towards it.