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Even “non-explosive accident” would be a huge step forward.

EDIT: wow check my quads


Title: Easy Sniping
Contract ID: 1-04-3637574-73
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza Landslide
Description: :custard:

(A sniping contract I have created for a while, saw it has been tried by quite some people)


I wanted to try something different.

This contract is neither very hard nor very open for creativity but I tried to do something story-rich where the intel one encounters fits to the story I made up. I also wanted to give the whole assassination-thing the unsettling feeling it deserves. Tell me if you like it!

Hometown Tragedy (PC) 1-07-9842788-67 Marrakesh at night

I will try to do some contracts of others the next days, dont want to be that demanding here. :slight_smile:


I’m beary happy with this one :bear::grinning:! Finally did a contract for Landslide that I feel worthy from me. It was a bit hard to figure out this was going to work but after looking at how flexible the routes of these NPCs tend to be, I think it was a nice combo.
TITLE:A Time To Uproot
ID NUMBER: 3-04-9622273-96

It’s possible to find a lot of ways to SA it but wanted to play it safe to show that you can get SA, but like @Euler13 pointed, the servers still are unstable and need maintenance to prevent this:

Anyway, enjoy it, burrs! I really hope you like this one.:bear::grinning:


Good Evening Agents!
I would like to announce that I am working on a brand new series. This series will concentrate on a group of assassins called The Cleaners. My main focus for this series is to be a nice easygoing set of contracts, but still challenging enough for SA/SO.
If you have any questions about this series, feel free to ask in the Ask HMF Anything thread.
As Always, Good Hunting Agents.


**PS4 Bangkok Contract **
ID: 2-08-9200688-89
(4 Poison Kills.)
I’m pretty proud on how this one turned out.

If you’re looking for a puzzle contract, I recommend giving this one a try. Can be pretty challenging, but a lot of fun once you finally figure it out :wink:
Good luck, Agents. Have Fun!


What would be a good name for a contract where you have to kill 5 stylists, while disguised a stylist? Some of the names I have are

In Style
Out of Style
Serial Stylist

Anyone wanna add something? The contract is made I just need a name And description but I keep pondering over a name

Im leaning heavily toward “In Style” but If someone comes up with something better It would be cool.

Maybe a 2 word name with Style in it


A Glamourous Elimination?


Fabulous Looking.


Really looking for a 2 word name with Style in it


Well, the collection is called ICE. What about Chilly Style?


I just made it. Went with In Style. Thanks for all suggestions though. This contract is epic, I will submit it for featured soon. And SCM Gardener contract looks interesting


Lethal Elegance or Lethal Style would have also been cool I think.

Stone Cold Style
Gimmie a hell yeah!


Barbershop Quintet?



You should also search this thread a bit in advance (I always do in order to avoid contract repetition, which I don’t like to see).
At least it’s not on PC if I’m correct, I’ve made a similar contract before (even the name).
Personally I like that dressing area as a contract location in Paris.
Won’t comment before more details come up (want to have a look on how you pick the target) :fish:

The stylist contract I made called Work in Style - improvisation on PC (1-02-3463195-73)
I do recommend you to give it a look because you also (alleged) made a similar one from the stylist perspective. The agent in the dressing room is rarely chosen as a target. Worth a try :coffee:


Contracts is what I most of the time do. And when this is just about wandering around the maps and looking for ideas. This is great.


Two new Xbox One contracts. Give them a shot, and tell me what you think.

Medival Doctorate Simulator
ID: 3-03-2126555-41

Yes, I know I spelt Medieval wrong. Nice, challenging puzzle contract. Proud of how this one turned out.

A Study in Corruption
ID: 3-10-0972326-41

Another suit-only contract for you guys to try out. Lots of ways to beat this one, and some well-entrenched targets. Pretty sure it can be done in >5 mins.


I think ABC: Absolutely Beautiful Carnage would work nicely.


A friend of mine proposed the theme. It might make for more amusing contracts in concept than practice, but it’s worth a shot!

Conscience Does Make Cowards of Us All (Paris): 1-02-0902209-02
A mad girl drowns. A queen drinks poison. A king cut down. Goodnight, sweet prince.

And My Poor Fool is Hanged (Sapienza): 1-03-5371781-02
Three daughters dead. A blind man leaps from a tall cliff, or so he thinks. The Fool dies offscreen.

Now is the Winter of Our Discontent (Marrakesh): 1-06-2363694-02
One lord drowned, another beheaded. A lady poisoned. My kingdom for a horse!


PS4 Bangkok Contract.
Pretty simple, just a “throwback” contract :wink:

Don’t worry guys, Victoria was 14 in Absolution (2012) this Hitman takes place in 2019. So… She old enough to drink, then she old enough to die lol