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TITLE: Warm For Your Heart
ID NUMBER: 3-07-0796739-96

A simple contract that can be done way quicker. Focusing in using the shisha café and a random NPC close to 2 exits.


nice contract buddy:sunglasses:, here is my run


Bad For Business (1:42)

Great contract @Euler13, the targets fitted together really well and I only used 1 FE with 5 targets.


Glad you like it, and great job. I did a 2 minute run originally to show that a reasonably fast route could be found. You smashed that! Like @mungadungalis your aiming and shooting is awesome. I don’t know how you two do it so well with a console controller. However, I’ve just re-done a variation of my original route and, I hate to say it, but I knocked four seconds off your time. I can either wait for a bit or upload it if you want to see it now.

In the meantime, I just did the final episode of my Valentinian Heresies series suit only. Doing suit only in Colorado is one of the highlights of this game for me. It just feels so wrong being able to navigate that hostile environment in a suit and the adrenaline is pumping from start to finish.

Valentinian Heresies - Hidden Refuge - Suit Only (2:10)


Hmm, I don’t see a minus four second route. I can’t play it over the weekend so I probably won’t be able to increase my time, so feel free to post.

As for the shooting, I guess my COD kid days payed off. Lol.


@Ed_ll3’s not tried it yet. I’m sure he’ll knock ten seconds off this…

Bad For Business (1:38)


That’s very clever, congrats.


Possibly, however I don’t think it would be that different to the routes already posted.

Just spent the last twenty minutes trying to headshot that poor shop lady from the rooftop, which has been fun but so far unsuccessful. :joy:


Invasion of the Gelateria - 3-03-1200683-88


Triple post, eek. :grin:

Got it down to 1:33 @Euler13. Terry’s not smoking fast enough though, so trying a few other things.


I called 10 seconds. Let’s see…

That contract you made looks great fun. I love the bit: “… they are using ice creams to communicate, devices which they miraculously draw from their person.” :laughing:


I love this contract, do not get me wrong. It’s nice. But those damn twin targets are annoying me.

Quinitiliano is almost impossible to kill for me if he doesn’t hear another explosion from the first target. When I try to FE, that pink loving ice cream lady dies aswell.

During the only run where I success in killing Amore (because he actually heard the explosion) Eggerburg was surrounded by so many people. I blew an FE up, and the guy behind him exploded aswell.

I’m a bit frustrated atm. I’ll try it again later.


No worries @Remedy, totally get where you’re coming from. I had a feeling a couple of the targets might be frustrating when making it, and wondered whether to cut it down to three or four, but getting a full set of ice cream-wielding Martians into the mix took priority. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Euler13 @Silverballer - Tried a bunch of different things, and haven’t bettered 1:33 yet. The extra five seconds was from quick shots and using Blownaparte on the waiter (so no need to waste time with the radio). Seems like the Terry scooter kill means 1:33 minimum. I’ve been attempting to put a propane tank along his path, however the patrolling soldier makes the timing difficult. I ran Silver’s method with the cheeky double breach a few times without hitting the exit, and streamlined I’d say 1:26-8 is easily doable.


a buddy of mine is starting to make contracts but now with a custom briefing video. The target isn’t difficult by any means, but this is what he wants to do with it while we wait for other ET’s. He did a great job.

Watch, enjoy and play it if you can. Be creative with it as it’s a pretty simple target made more for the briefing, not the actual target.
PS4: 2-04-8222304-79
Location: Landslide.


Sharpness is Blossomed

ID: 1-03-7227871-41
@Fortheseven @mendietinha @fkgfw @BernardoOne @GuLe
get rekt!


Capo for a Capo



Awesome work on the briefing, tell him to keep it up.

I can’t play this as it’s in Landslide (i have problems with accessing that mission on PS4) but I hope to play the next ones.


Good job, @justnobody

See, I said it wasn’t anything difficult or special. It was more about the briefing. I did the exact same thing except I wasn’t going for time. I stayed to see his body.

Did you find it funny how those npc cows are random at that spot? I must have restarted like 5 times or so. lol.

@Silverballer, ya he will make more. He wanted to see how it came out. Looks like everyone enjoyed it.


Yeah, I noticed the NPC grouping. I was basically just praying not to get a non-target kill on the rating screen lol.


my run, hope you enjoy :grin: