Hitmanforum member contracts


Thanks, @Euler13. :grinning:


Welcome to the forum @Rcoolcactus, I look forward to playing your contracts!



I know you, I have played some of your contracts. Les Impardonnables was a nice one.


Very nice, I love your style in this run ! :+1:


@BernardoOne - I didn’t know about that, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

@Euler13 - Wondered if it was a temporary change, as I saw some of your recent videos have been mini-map free. You’re right, it does change things a bit; to each their own, but I’ve found the game much more cinematic (for want of a better description) since paring it down.

Was going to post a few other things at the same time as this, but this damned PES League footage is taking an eternity to upload (12 hours and counting :joy:). I know you’ve seen already, but here’s a run of BFB 2:


It’s a fabulous run. Great job, @Ed_ll3m, and thanks for playing it.

As mentioned on your channel, here’s my suit only run.

Bad For Business 2 - Suit Only (4:44)


I seem to have some kind of YT glitch recently where a lot of comments and replies don’t show up (e.g. your last reply). They are registered in the # of comments, but don’t show up for some reason. Anyhow, GJ on SO, I’ll give it a watch now.


I’ll be uploading these two contracts later today. I’m also planning to play and upload “The Oxytocin Toxicity.”

Man Of The Blade - 3-03-0483456-49

NOTE: If you do not have the combat knife unlocked, you can find it in the level.

Crimson Silence - 3-10-6474797-49


Here is a new featured contract I’ve made if you guys are interested, In this assignment you will need to “deliver” the specific items to these targets. :+1:

(Since this contract is for PC players anyone is more than welcome to recreate it for console players)


I think @D1NGdong had this exact same issue recently, so it looks like it might be a YouTube problem at the moment. It happened to me a long time ago. There were a few occasions when I could see the comments in the Community section of the Video Manager, but I couldn’t see them on the video page; nor could I reply to them from the Community section.


First Class Postal Service in 4:33

I’m sure I lost a lot of time with the dumb hippie but it’s hard to kill that guy quickly. Almost a minute and a half would’ve been saved had I been able to just leave after Rocco.

So if you were curious, here’s the gimmick for the Looking Into The Distance guy:

The Lion Sleeps Tonight in 1:14

Not my fastest time due to the slight randomness, but yeah the gimmick is that Lion Forrest will die from taking literally any damage whatsoever at any range. One shotgun pellet clips him and it’s goodnight. Oddly, the “FORE!” sound didn’t play this time, which it normally does any time he dies.

Finally, another one from me. Little bit of luck required to maximize time on this one but I managed it semi-reliably, so I’m sure people can do even better.

Party Like a Rock Star (Bangkok-PC): 1-08-9414112-02
Five Crew, five different Accidents, all on the trashed hotel floor.

Also I saw that @Fortheseven broke sub-1min on I Know Paris Inside & Out. Should’ve expected as much, though I kinda figured it was possible. You can get most of the kills really quick. Well, he can, anyway.


Still want to revisit that one, wasn’t entirely happy with it, it’s why i didn’t upload it


I got 1:30 or so starting from the Red Carpet but seeing @theWizard run it the Garden start would be faster doing the same stuff I did on my run. Plus if you’re not holding to the bonus objectives (and for pure time there’s no reason to) you can probably do it still faster from somewhere else to somewhere else. Not sure quite where though.


@D1NGdong - Did you find a fix in the end?

@Remedy - Was hoping to play the Hokkaido one too, but unfortunately ran out of time. Here’s something for ‘Man Of The Blade’:

I’m sure there’s a way to get to red top and alley guy quicker than this.

Edit this in here rather than post again, as it’s uploaded fairly fast.

Again, bit pedestrian, but thought you might want to see it. @Silverballer


Did not. Still have that same comment hidden but the notification is there as you said. Anyone replying to that hidden comment also gets hidden. No idea why.


2nd briefing video from my friend.
PS4 ID is at the end of the video.


Tried a quick Google search, and there were a lot of people discussing it and similar issues, but no actual solution as far as I could see. :frowning:


That sucks. Have you checked your “needing approval” section? I’ve had some comments that needed to be approved but this particular one does not.


It’s mostly replies to initial comments (either my replies or other people’s); they show as a digit next to ‘Comments’, but I can’t view them.

Thanks though, I didn’t think to check that as it’s usually just free music spam posts and the like. Will have a look in a bit.