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Here’s a couple random ones.

Tightened Security

I swear people love doing the guards in the basement monitoring room. I decided to try a different route for variety’s sake.

No More Bad Bacon

Likewise, I’m starting to feel sorry for the gelateria staff.

Now here’s a couple of mine for the curious.

Party Like a Rock Star

I like the flow of this one but it’s probably a little too restrictive.

Ordering In

This one can definitely be done faster. Notably there’s a chandelier on the way up to the penthouse that could possibly be dropped on Abel, maybe.

And finally, linked as a spoiler, this is my run of Accidentally Killplaned Myself. Don’t look if you’re still puzzling it out, but it’s nowhere near as complicated as I might have led on.


Video video video video please please please please.
I wanna wanna wanna see see see see. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Closed Casket Special SA (1:02)

୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ QUADRA KILL OR RITO ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨






Solid strat m8


@fkgfw, @GuLe @Fortheseven

Unreal guys. My psn friend was calling me “amazing” when I did it in 2:05. Lololol. I told him wait until I ask TRUE speedrunners to do this contract.

He’s gonnna have a fit. Lololol


Anyways, here’s my 2:05 run. I think he said that cause I caused some serious chaos. lol



Welcome to the forums. Your contract is just above done by 3 great players (only 2 vids though). So here is where you can add your contracts for others to play. :slight_smile:



ID (PC): 1-02-6891978-57
ID (PS4): 2-02-5023679-51 (Thanks @JDMHatch_G!)
ID (Xbox): 3-02-4914452-76 (Thanks @WRP_Beater!)

"Hello 47, our client Viktor Novikov wanted to fire a couple of guards because too much security is expensive, but he can’t just fire them without paying so he said:

Viktor: “Why not just hire that guy that kills people for suits? that’d be cheaper”

Viktor is a smart guy."


I played Killplaned-Myself today and got pretty much the same idea. But instead of luring him through the spa I knocked him out earlier and pulled him through the garage to the spa. This worked quite good but the two patrolling securities always seen the bodys due wallbug. Hmpf

[details=Summary]You expected a video here dont you? Well here have a hammer in your face director!


Still had fun playing it! How did you come to the idea of this one?


My original route involved basically knocking out the patrolling guards, both workmen, and the guys in the garage and dragging the Director from the stairwell when he left the OR at around 3:00, but I knew there was a chance to catch him sooner.

Wanted to do a contract involving launching somebody out of the map into water but it counts as a Fall on Colorado and doesn’t work well on other maps and it’s usually not any faster to Fall Accident via killplane than just dump somebody. The best thing I could think of was that Hokkaido had alternate Drowning Accidents so it was possible to drown NPCs as themselves on that map without needing any map tomfoolery.


All my contracts are on Xbox One.
“Murder At The Bazaar,” a recreation of a great mission from Hitman 2.
It’s in Marrakesh day, or you can just search the name.


I was also going to homage Terminal Hospitality by marking Soders, but you can’t mark him atm. Hope they make this a feature.


My best time was ~2:14 which doesn’t even approach a record so a variant route with a bunch of restrictions is much funnier to watch and here it is:

Obliteration in 2:44 w/ Silent Assassin + Suit Only + Default Equipment + Accidents Only + No Non-Target Knockouts + Top Floor Kills Only + Never Leave The Palace


Two puzzle contracts
The Calling - PC Contract - 1-03-1966951-76

A Shocking Conclusion - PC Contract - 1-06-8535483-76

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The Zaydan one looks like an absolute beating so I’ll pass but here’s the other one:

The Calling in 2:45

I’m not sure if this is the way you wanted it done, but our times are very close…

I tried the launch from much farther away and just couldn’t stick it but there’s massive time savings to be had for expert axe launchers, I suspect.


That’s a really neat way to do it, nicely done!

My…erm… “tactic” is pretty different, and the three minutes run was actually just the ultra consistent way of using it.

Here it is with a few tweaks and a bit of praiying to RNG gods

No launcherinos required.

@fkgfw @Fortheseven @GuLe this is the team to rekkyrino



(that fucking kiniu just turns up again)


That kiniu is watching these forums. How else would he get this contract? Damn guy. Lolol. Unless he’s subbed to all of you guys and trolling all of you.

But either way, GREAT JOB!!! Quad kill car explosion was awesome!!