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The dude is like a cheater version of the old you. The dude even stalks our streams when we are doing random user contracts just to put himself at #1 lol


Lmao!! I guess I taught him well. Hahah.

How is he cheating? What is he using?


He is using a trainer which makes himself and every npc invisible to each other… So he can just run to targets, shoot them, and no one will see him or the target die.


Few contracts from the last couple of days:

@scm97tl’s ICA Initiative: Fashion Police - (2:12)

@DeadlyVigilance’s Tower of Terror - (1:22)

@Euler13’s Piano Man: Sapienza - (3:19)


Tried a space program on the director but I ended up getting this.:joy:


When mendie was doing Broken Shower with a space program launch he at one point managed to shoot the guy upward such that the tip of his head was spotted in the recording studio but most of his body was just dangling from the ceiling in one of the empty suites on the floor below. Apparently when NPCs are launched into the ceiling they either clip through or just get stuck.

What killed him in the second clip? A guy opening the door on him? Didn’t realize doors could kill.


I have no idea what killed him for there is neither accident kill nor melee kill was shown. And yea you’re right. I did try a couple of times and having the director clip onto the rooftop of the bathroom.


Clipping can result in two tipes of kills

  • Game detects the target is in a weird position and autokills the target. I’ve managed to recreate this effect a few times. If you do the Caruso opportunity for him to get sick and vomit, then knocking him down, and drag him around so he falls only a little bit (dont use dump prompt),he will often get stuck in geometry and eventually just die there

  • Someone detects a unconscious body, but there is no pathing that is available for that person to get to the body. This results on a instakill when they try to check on the body.


Whoa, neat explanation. Thank you, I understand what happened by now.:grinning:


Schrödinger’s cat right there


So many times I tried to have people wake up out of bounds only for them to just die :frowning:

Interestingly, Paris is the exception to the rule


Hey! I thought I’d share some of my contracts, too. I’m on PC so feel free to recreate them, if you want to. :grin:

Title: Heading For A Fall
Contract-ID: 1-02-3584774-55
Location: Paris

Title: Shotgun Wedding
Contract-ID: 1-06-7333485-55
Location: Marrakesh

This one has probably been made a thousand times already, but I liked it for its simplicity.

Title: Haters Back Off!
Contract-ID: 1-02-2479270-55
Location: Paris

Have fun! :smiley:


Sweet! I love all the different approaches.


Okay so serious question here: What kind of death is it counted as? I assume just Any Method?

I ask because the way sedatives work spotting the body doesn’t break No Bodies Found but waking them does so if you could somehow engineer a body to be sedated in an inaccessible area then you could assassinate someone with magic by having a person look at them. Unless I’m not understanding how this works.


Would still get “Body found” tho since the spotted body would be dead then.


Any method. Your way wouldn’t work since the person would still be looking at the direction of the body, and they would then see a dead body.


Thanks to @Bending_Cheese67 for re-creating Piano Man - Sapienza on PC
Contract ID: 3-03-8020847-05 (Xbox One); 1-03-1448592-88 (PC)


There are some poison kills that count as “Any Method”. If that kind of death is counted as such or as unaccounted accident, it will be listed as “Any Method”, but it won’t take away your SA.


This one came out somewhat interesting. It’s interesting to take slow as you have two mobile targets and one semi-mobile one, but it can definitely be done fast.

Under The Hash Streetlights (A House Built On Sand-PC): 1-07-4486391-02
Four Any/Any targets in Night Marrakesh. Two wander, one moves a little bit, and one is immobile. All are in public, but there are many opportunities to take them out without raising alarm. If anything, all are easy to kill… if you dedicate loadout slots to doing so. The question is how to take them all out quickly.

I’ve prepared a video run that avoids major speedrun spoilers by being a more leisurely semi-cinematic run with minimal HUD elements. It’s also Default Equipment, just to show that the contract doesn’t take forever and doesn’t require any special equipment. If it looks interesting, feel free to recreate it! I’d like to share more contracts with streamers but they tend to be on consoles.

EDIT: Here’s a bonus, mostly just a silly thing.

The Retroviral Revengeance (Sapienza-PC): 1-03-8484283-02
Kill Caruso and De Santis in a Hazmat Suit.
BONUS: Poison both targets. This includes regular poison, the Prototype Virus Sample, and the hazardous gas in the containment room.
SUPER BONUS: Never have line of sight to either target.



ID: 1-03-7969770-41
@Fortheseven @mendietinha @fkgfw @Bending_Cheese67 @GuLe @BernardoOne