Hitmanforum member contracts


There was 2. Death by Drummer was the 2nd one.


@D1NGdong contract is in marakesh. Prisoner disguise one. Death By Drummer is my contract in Bangkok. Haha.


PS4 Contract
Name: VIP Supporters
ID: 2-02-6513004-07
Map: Paris
Briefing: Powerful men have fallen by your hand, but by the same token others have risen
-The Shadow Client
We must make sure they fall by destroying the pillars they lean on.


I did the Bangkok one.


loved that route mate


TITLE: Eagle Eyed
ID NUMBER: 3-04-8503555-96

Just killing some bodyguards (and a beary good friend to a lady) that hang around the harbor. Enjoy :bear:


Haha. Yea a little confusion going on. Would love to see a vid. Ill make a vid of my run tonight (its 3am where i live haha) for my contract as well as your contract (the pilot one). I hope you had fun with my contract :slight_smile:


Dismissed From The Auction

ID: 1-02-7685148-41

linear contract, auction floor to basement


It was challenging but fun. Took me a while to come up with a solution to it. Will post a video and will post a link.


Uploading now. Apparently I did it in about 6 minutes.


Will check it out mate. Will post a video if ok :-).


Sure thing man !
Thanks for doing that


Here’s the link to video. Enjoy

Created by raj_drmmr_87
Contract ID: 2-08-3933534-59
Location: Bangkok
Platform: PS4


@Fortheseven Our routes, it seems, were entirely different, but the time ends up about the same.

A Crime Most Vowel by me, SA/SO/DE/FW/NE/!KO & Speed (2:01)

Screwed up my sub-2:00 but oh well.


Ye, will always be around that time, since you have to wait for that guy. So basically starting location with the longest cutscene will be the fastest with a few seconds.


Any reason why it’s on really fast?


He takes his inspiration from Benny Hill! :laughing:

I think it’s because he includes at least two playthroughs in his videos and the first one is usually the most challenging: default start, no loadout, no knockouts, fibre wire kills. But because it is so hard it often takes quite a long time, so he puts it on 2x speed so that it doesn’t make the video too long.


Did it 8:08. Will take some time before the video is up.



He does come down twice, but I’ve never been able to properly route for his first appearance (which is around 40 seconds depending on cutscene I think). Maybe some kind of shenanigans with a sniper rifle. Might also be interesting if he could be called down with a distraction or lure, maybe even the phone, but I don’t think he hears audio lures at the bottom of the tower even when he’s down at the breach.

Yeah, and there’s often a lot of waiting, and I think most people are interested primarily in the speedrun. Easier to just speed up the restriction run.


Recreated your drummer contract for PC, as I find this is a nice idea, getting involved personally.