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Thank you @Urben :slight_smile:


Nice work. I liked your route a lot. But man, is the coin trick so OP’d. lol. Now do it without that trick. Haha.

@Fortheseven, no need to do it anymore. You’re too slow. Urben beat you to it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice run! :slight_smile:


As I for whatever reason like the idea that much, I will do a fancy video of it. :wink:

At first I planned to lure him all the way to the school with coins lol. Another but quickly tossed plan was to ICA the prisoner to the consulate but no way to aim that good.


ICA space program would have been badass. Haha.


Thanks for the explanation


Thanks matey. Really appreciate that.


Here is one contract I made a while ago. At first I wanted to create a Contract series but couldn’t find the time.

The contract is rather straight forward.

Contract Title: A Fruitful Endeavour
Platform: Xbox One
Contract-ID: 3-09-1883119-76


What if i would make it 6 or 7 minutes?


Go for it



I will somewhere today


Might be straightforward, but it was fun to work a route out for:

@Wesker’s - Fruitful Endeavour

Saw @ILikeGAMESish was flying up the board after I started uploading, so he may well have something better incoming. :wink:


That’s a brilliant run! Very simple, but very effective, I found myself floundering a little with this one and after watching yours I can’t believe how much I over complicated it :joy:. Also, RNG and such got in the way I feel. Still I think I’m only 4 seconds behind your score. As soon as my onedrive stops playing up I’ll download and upload my 1:34.


Pretty nice run, @Ed_ll3 !


I’ve re-created your personal contract on Xbox: 3-08-5127017-05.

Death By Drummer (2:04)


Thanks @Euler13 Awesome run! :slight_smile:


shakes fist Damn you for beating my time lol

No seriously, great run mate.


@MRGaming This is @Euler13 you are talking about… He’s a BEAST!! Haha!


:rabbit2: Roar!!!


Oh no its the Rabbit!