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Never under-estimate the harmless little bunny. :wink:

For those too young to recognise the referenceā€¦




remembers me of this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlBa1xyCx_4


Run away! Run away! :wink:


@MRGaming @Euler13 @Urben

Hereā€™s my run of my contract Death By Drummer

Hereā€™s my run of your contract Come Fly With Me. I decided to take a longer route because my initial route was similar to yours. So i decided to change it up to make the video more entertainig :slight_smile:

Hereā€™s my take on your contract VIP Supporters. Had fun with it. The last target took time. I could have interrupted the conversation. Oh well :slight_smile:


This is a follow up contract to Death By Drummer. Same target. Same disguise. But you have to drown him now.

Drowned By Drummer

Revenge Is Best Served Cold
A new contract in Hokkaido. Have fun with this one :slight_smile:


Nice runs mate. Good work.


Will beat it once challenge pack gets released wink-wink


Will check these out


Just created this one

Platform PS4
Location Hokkaido
Contract ID 2-10-8338523-50


Iā€™ll check it out when I have time


I struggle to resist interesting one target contractsā€¦

Drowned By Drummer (2:49)

Re-created on Xbox: 3-08-2773680-05


Put That Light Out! 2:06


Nicely done. My video is uploading. Check it when you can.


Can you post a link? I donā€™t know where to find it.


Lol made my run look like a piece of crap :smile:


Lol that cinematic shot at the end


Here is my run


Great run mate. That was awesome.


@Prem_Raj, itā€™s funny you made a contract on yourself. Lol. So I had to kill you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome run! :slight_smile: