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Thanks man. Dont worry, I wont. :wink:

Got a nice and new puzzle contract right here to grind! The target is at the pier near the lab entrance.

Spyhole – 1-03-9606199-67

World of Tomorrow – time to beat: 36s :cowboy_hat_face:

Discussion: Re-vamped Contracts Mode

Oh wow that’s a clever contract, I don’t think I’d have figured it out if it wasn’t for the title

Spyhole SA (35s)

Mendie could probably do it in 34s with a BC throw.


2 (PS4) contracts I made a while back. Give them a try, Agents!

(Sapienza & AHBOS maps)



MrBurn4488’s Paradoxical Problem 50s


Remade the following for PC:

  • Beat Around the Bush: 1-09-5068530-02
  • Welcome to Cafe Cyanide: 1-05-7140635-02

Runs below.

Beat Around the Bush by @GKPunk, SA/SO (0:42)

Similar to A Fruit to Die For, fewer targets and more kill restrictions but just as easy (if not easier) to bring all the targets to me. Biggest time waster is that idiot not doing the right thing and burning properly, but the longer you wait the cutscene to advance him the dicier it gets. 0:30-0:35 is probably possible if you wait as long as you can.

Welcome to Cafe Cyanide by @Euler13, SA (3:35)

I tried to streamline this and if I could get a blind second to stick the lady at the right time could probably improve this by a minute or more, but it’s not super interesting enough for me to try juggling it all. Not needing a Kitchen Assistant disguise is nice to figure out though.

Barn Owls and Field Mice by @Quine, SA/SO/!KO (1:10)

Shooting the fire barrel gives me distraction enough from the Old Orchard that I don’t need any thrown distractions. The rest is just finding a good angle, getting off a good pair of shots (the recoil is not always cooperative), and dealing with the other guys. I assume this is more or less the way you did it as my initial time was 1:14 or so.


Here’s my run of your contract Casino Royale. Not as quick as yours but I got the job done :slight_smile:


Thanks for replaying and making the contract on PC.


Hahahahaha!! This is the best thing I’ve seen in my life :smile:


Wow 5:05 is crazy! Nope I’m not a speedrunner. Haha! I just play contracts that seem interesting and focus on getting silent assassin :slight_smile:


Targets and kill conditions for VIP supporters?


I am the same. My aim is always silent assassin.


TITLE: The Rad Killer, MC Ot Kapp
ID NUMBER: 3-08-8296569-96

One more contract for Bangkok, using Otis’s outfit and with a briefing that’s worthy of a bad fan fiction or non-canon comicbook. All targets are close to to the restaurant and they are stationary guards to avoid any bad route that many of the civilian NPCs tend to have in this map. Enjoy :bear:


Recreating this for PS4


Just to confirm quickly the targets: the guard who is sleeping in a chair and having the weird premonition dreams, the only hotel guard at the restaurant’s 1st floor and the other one is the guard next to the stairs, close to the Groundkeeper’s starting point.


I got 45 seconds but crime noticed. :unamused:
No SA. Nice run.


@scm97tl’s - Eagle Eyed

Guessing there’s a sweet spot somewhere around the morgue for a headshot on dude? I couldn’t find it though :cry:, so had to go with something more conventional.

Also, that Yeezus lookalike and his wifey are a nightmare. :wink:


Targets: The sheikh, sophus (Dalia’s assisstant), Kurt (viktor’s bodyugard), Liza mckinzie, Sebastian sato
It’s any method any disguise


I’ve not seen @Nakar’s run, though I’m guessing from the description in the post it’s likely similar to this.

@GKPunk’s - Beat Around the Bush

Really nice contract, I enjoyed muchly. There’s a :38 on the board atm: unfortunately the footage was mashed! It’s the same as this with a slightly quicker exit. Had a few runs that felt faster (probably 35-7), but whether it’s the servers, our connection, or delay on the fire death, the damn exit just wouldn’t pop in time. :pensive:


The GuLe Anxiety

ID: 1-08-6596411-41


The Astral Hand


@GuLe @mendietinha @cjgarof @Fortheseven @BernardoOne @Bending_Cheese67 @o_O


Recreated The Astral Hand on PS4. Will share the ID soon