Hitmanforum member contracts



@Urben Did a Suit Only run that fits the theme of your contract:

Five Shades of White Suit Only


A couple of Contracts for you on PS4

The Big Bang Theory
Contract ID 2-02-9353011-50

And A Plague Upon Us
Contract ID 2-03-7967571-50


@scm97tl Recreated both your contracts on PS4

Brave Butterfly
ID: 2-08-8358210-59

The Rad Killer, MC Ot Kapp
ID: 2-08-0140271-59

Had fun with both the contracts. The second one was easier than the first. I will upload my run for both once iā€™ve edited them :slight_smile:


@Pagan Recreated your contract for PS4

The Astral Hand
ID: 2-10-4796916-59

Had fun with this one. Will upload my run once iā€™ve edited the vid :slight_smile:


Created 2 new contracts for PS4 :slight_smile:

And It Goes BOOM!
ID: 2-03-4277668-59

This is a simple quick contract. Extra points for not using BC :slight_smile:

Through The Glass
ID: 2-10-7092962-59

I liked this one. Sorry, forgot to take a screenshot of the objective page so this would have to do :slight_smile:


Oh yea more contracts :slight_smile:


Hereā€™s my run for Revenge Is Best Served Cold :slight_smile:


Remade The Big Bang Theory as 1-02-3896440-02 and A Plague Upon Us as 1-03-3275039-02 for PC.

The Big Bang Theory by @MRGaming, SA/SO/AO (1:28)

Grabbing the shed propane for Daoust just didnā€™t seem like a productive use of my time, so I detoured a little.

A Plague Upon Us by @MRGaming, SA/AO (4:04)

Needed to shoot that camera but oh well.

The Astral Hand by @Pagan, SA/SO/DE/FW/NE/!KO & Speed (1:25)

Saw @o_O got 0:47, tried to figure out how this was done, think I got it.

The Astral Hand, Refinement (0:46)

Pretty much the same idea just faster and better.


Thereā€™s an error on one of the targets, last gardener (Tommy JJ, not Tomiyuki) is by the snowmobile not the helicopter.


Woo hoo The Astro Hand suit only and silent assassin. Video uploading now. Will post link asap


Pagan and Prem_Raj, I have credited you both in description of my video.


Where is the target so I can recreate it on xbox ?


As promised my Astral Hand video


Interesting contract. Got 2:18


Do you have the run


No, didnā€™t record it.


That made me really mad as in really mad


Something wrong?