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Great run! Your aim is amazing. I didn’t know the guy in the toilet would not hear the gunshot. I took him out first. Love the way you killed Dexter too, awesome. :slight_smile:


@Markie and @MrBurn4488: Small request: Could you post a screen shot of the targets for any contracts you’re sharing? The game makes it for you! It’s very frustrating just to see the name/contract ID and have no clue who and how. This way you may capture the attention of people playing on other platforms and they may re-create it, play it, and, who knows… even post a video. :wink:


I play and post on different computers, so I can’t post my screenshots on Hitmanforum. I’ll take some pictures with my phone, I guess.


Is it just me needing to be more rigorous when scrolling through, or does anyone else miss a fair bit of content in this thread these days?


I’m using different e-mails so it’s kinda hard, but i’ll see what I can do


Here you go, VIP supporters (2:05)


You know that makes me really happy as in really happy .
You just earned my respect.


That’s very nice to hear, i can die happily now


forthe is about to die yaaay, uh … uh I mean nooooooo


3:31? Wtf? AWESOME!!!



Edit: and the best part was when you were hoping the target didn’t move when you were just about to kill him. Your reactions were priceless. Lol!!


Title: Halting The Heist
Contract ID: 3-04-4934245-05
Location: Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)


Recreated, on Xbox, @Prem_Raj 's And it goes Boom! : 3-03-2440620-18 and Through the Glass : 3-10-1689925-18


In case someone was missing Vampire Magician contracts, I had an urge to do one.

Release these guys and one gal off their blood by cutting their throats - these chocolate thieves don’t need it anymore anyway.

  1. Count Chocula’s Revenge
  2. 1-02-9979585-02


That’s whatchu get for stealing tasty crispy chocolate snacks


@scm97tl Here’s my run for both your contracts

Brave Butterfly (SA 13:23)
Decided to take the longer, safer route on this one :slight_smile:

The Rad Killer, MC Ot Kapp (SA 05:43)
This was easier. The troublesome part was getting Morgan’s bodyguard disguise


@justnobody Here’s my run of my contract

Through The Glass (SA/SO 03:56)


@MRGaming Here’s my run. Though one of the targets was wrong, it was still a fun contract.

Had trouble placing Napoleon on the oil patch. I only realised later that i could have just dropped it :smile:

And when i shot the first camera, i think the first shot took out the camera, but i thought it didn’t and fired a second shot. I think this shot panicked the people inside, which made more guards come down. Haha, luckily i managed to escape :slight_smile:

The Astral Hand (SA 06:51)


Still not totally happy with this, as I wasted a bit of time checking for where the plant duster was at. :persevere:

@scm97tl’s - Brave Butterfly

I was clocking in at around 5 minutes with a different routine for the upper level. However, I was finding the patrolling guards were doing that thing where they cut off from a peek-a-boo or illegal item lure mid-investigation again, so had to find a different way of navigating through them. Tough one, but great contract.


@D1NGdong Here’s my run on your contract.

Had fun with this one. Had a little hiccup with the last 2 targets, but i’m still happy with the run :slight_smile:

The Day The Music Died (SA 09:12)


Well done. I try not to use napoleon’s unless I have to as they can be a pain but you can throw them too :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to check mine out :slight_smile: