Hitmanforum member contracts


Yup i did! I liked how you chose to do it suit only and your timing for the yoga instructor kill. Managed to get away before body found :slight_smile:


So awesome! Stressful to watch too haha :smile:


Cheers! Maybe a second or so away from ‘Body Found’ I think. :sweat_smile:

@Prem_Raj’s - And it goes BOOM!

Went the BC route, so no bonus points for me. Could probably cut the time a little more, but I keep getting nagged into playing Minecraft atm. :sob:


Yeah I set myself up a challenge and it took a few goes to get everything spot on.


Recreated both of your contracts on PC

Through The Glass

And It Goes BOOM!

My run of “And It Goes BOOM!” Did it with a breaching charge, though I’ll probably do it with a ducker later for the extra bonus points :wink:



Decided to do my security room breached contract again but SA/SO and actually entering the room. And the exit lol. Talk about broken detection sometimes. Lol


Get ready for the new content!

Even if you are not …

ID: 1-10-5504704-41



I’ll check that out when I get home later.


It is quite fun to route but I fail to include Novikov into my strat. :frowning:


Nice work with the pistol kills. And that Wes, he’s a bassturd, eh?



Thanks for the recreate :slight_smile:


Haha yea. So hard to get him to move :slight_smile:


"And It Goes BOOM!" with Proximity Ducker



Prox cx bomb with kill cam (0:51)
I’ve killed this guy way too many times. Lol


Speed’s been done to death so I’m going for the bonus, plus all the bonuses.

And It Goes BOOM! by @Prem_Raj (thanks @Iffy for the port), SA/SO/NL/DS/NE/!KO w/ Loud Boom

Silent Assassin + Suit Only + No Loadout + Default Start Location + No Evidence (Hide All Bodies) + No Knockouts

I had a run where I ran down to the lab for the Remote Mine but it was boring (and not Suit Only). This is just the right length, I think.


Shall I remake it without Novikov?


Haha i did it similar. Just longer :slight_smile:


Nice run! Like how u did it with all the bonuses :slight_smile:


Nice way of luring the guards :slight_smile: