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I found this while searching random contracts on Xbox, though it has 5 targets, there are several cool ways to route it.



If you like, or mark another target instead. Would play it. :wink:


I know you guys are occupied with the new content. But in case you want to celebrate the new weapon, I made a challenging contract for it:

The Adoption Of Masamune

Hokkaido, ID: 1-10-9887484-67


Here is a contract I made for “The Art of Revenge” challenge pack.
I wanted to make one that was somewhat interesting, and allows you to complete all of the challenges at the same time. All four targets are in the morgue. The neurochip doc has to be drowned but you can do whichever challenge you like for the other targets.
It only took me 5 mins for SA so it should be possible to complete it even faster than that!



Your mission is to eliminate four morgue doctors at GAMA Hospital.
The doctors conducted a botched operation which had killed the client’s daughter. The head surgeon, Katashi Ito, was drunk, but he and his team managed to avoid losing their medical licences through bribery and “old favours”. All four were demoted, but are scheduled to return to surgery in the coming months.
The client has asked us to make sure that this does not happen and that Ito “drowns in his sorrows” one last time.

The Art of Revenge
PS4 Contract ID: 2-10-0883115-36


So I take it that Masamune counts as a different kill in contracts to a regular katana?


It is another weapon, technically.


That’s good. And it should, just like the combat knife, concealable knife and kitchen knife are all different.


@D1NGdong just completed the day the music died. Will post link to video once it’s live. :slight_smile:


Awesome :slight_smile:


Your run was good mate. Watched it once I had done mine. Was interesting to see our different approaches for it.


Speaking of challenge contracts, this one for PC will get all five Art of Revenge challenges in a single run:

The Art of Revenge All-In-One: 1-10-8263501-02

So there’s that.


As promised. My link to the Day The Music Died run

@D1NGdong @Prem_Raj


Made a stealth (melee, accidental) contract on PS4 with 5 targets, 3 of which are easy kills, but it makes sense within the route(s). The 2 masked guards at the Soder’s Heart Room shouldn’t make it too easy…

Contract ID: 2-10-5865717-62 (PS4)

If you like this contract let me know. then I’ll make this into an any method contract.


PC Contract - Sapienza Katana Tour - 1-03-1512224-76


Nice run! Like how u used different kill methods. :slight_smile:


To celebrate the new unlock, I’ve created a contract…

Title: White Blade 1
Contract ID: 3-03-2620548-05
Location: Sapienza

Also, a Hitman player called alex payne asked me in the comments of one of my YouTube videos to re-create a contract he made on PS4. It’s a fun, challenging contract to try. Here is the Xbox version I re-created. I don’t have the PS4 ID, but it has the same name if you want to search for it.

Title: Political Issues
Contract ID: 3-04-5627924-05
Location: Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)

I’ve done it in 6:35, but I’d love to know if there’s a quicker way to take out Abiatti.


Contract inspired by Hot Fuzz: The Greater Good.

I’ve been trying to make a Contract I was satisfied with for a few weeks but kept trying to make things way too complex and never finishing. I decided to try for something I could just have some fun with instead. It would be cool to get any feedback on how it plays for others for future contracts. I’m not sure how strong the appeal would be for speedrunners.

ID: 2-04-9542753-80


Created a fun little contract for PS4. Was trying to make a Traditions of the Trade inspired contract originally, and then it ended up turning into this.

Himmapan Pest Control
ID: 2-08-6251058-60


I like it. I feel like it would benefit from some stricter requirements so that it’s not too vanilla but then again I’m way too biased toward restrictive contracts.