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I kinda considered that, actually. But I decided to leave it a little more open ended since I started thinking there were better ways of handling it compared to how I first went about it. I do want to try a more restrictive contract at some point though, but I felt that worked better for this one in particular.
Thanks btw! Will keep in mind.


Recreated White Blade 1 for ps4


I prefer open ended sometimes. Makes it more interesting when u compare your run with others here. Makes the videos fun to watch


Himmapan Pest Control 1:50


White Blade 1 1:42


I created a contract for The Art Of Revenge: 1-10-7998086-17

Here’s for playing with the Masumune: 1-10-8466639


This is a video of an Art of Revenge contract

Hope you enjoy.


New contract created by me. I even gave it a backstory :slight_smile:

Location: Paris
Platform: PS4
Contract ID: 2-02-4085040-50



I’ve optimised one of my more popular contracts that didn’t get much traction originally, probably due to it being a part of a failed series I was trying to do, but I’ve been told it would be more suited to being a wholly singular contract. Enjoy!

Personally, I’m not too happy with the briefing of this one. It flows far worse than I’d have wanted, but this was a pretty quick one I just put together.

Name: The Corporate Comeuppance
Platform: Xbox One


Can you put a screen shot of targets so it can be recreated on other platforms please @Aegis_Chrome


I’m also doing something I call the “A-Z challenge”. I will be doing 26, one-target contracts to coincide with a letter of the alphabet. The Actor, The Biologist, etc. These are not meant to be insanely high quality, these are just for me to have some fun with a little side project and develop my briefing writing. When I have finished, I will compile them all and upload them to this forum.


26 one-target contracts is what you should say


And that’s what I meant when I talked about how leaving it open ended could mean a better approach. Very nice! Now that’s doing a good job as an exterminator.


Consumed By Fire! SA 1:53 :blush:


Xbox users; I’m a bit proud of this edit right here. This is to celebrate the new weapon. Beautiful.

Here are two other contracts before this new update.

Less proud of this one. I know that the targets do not have the guy being killed; but I needed some Colorado cover photo.

A Tempting Offer - Sapienza

I can’t get the contract ID atm so you can search this one up for yourself! If you want to re-create this; the target has dead rats under his bunk.


Wow that was amazing. Mine was slower. Trying to do a suit only run. Will post my first solution now.


Here’s my slower run


Nice run! I created a contract too for this. Haha. Will share my run soon :slight_smile:


I killed that beech too many times. Heidi is cake for me. :yum:
Suit only no KO’s, very easy.


Trying to sort a suit only run now. Will post once I figure it out :slight_smile: