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@justnobody: Thanks for playing White Blade 1 That was a brilliant run!

Here’s a follow-up…

Title: White Blade 2
Contract ID: 3-03-8266239-05
Location: Sapienza


White Blade 2 ps4 ID is 2-03-4876320-23

@Euler13 White Blade 2 3:08


@Bending_Cheese67, you weren’t responding on twitter so I thought I hit you up here.

Your challenge:

•Can’t pacify or kill any non-targets
•Can only equip motorcyclist disguise once and once it’s equipped, can not change out of it
•must complete in under 5mins
•must use ‘The Art Of Revenge’ Challenge Pack kills excluding drown (1 lethal syringe kill, 1 throwing kitchen knife kill, 1 Masamune Katana melee kill)

Done and done :smiley:


Ported the following to PC:

  • @Aegis_Chrome’s The Corporate Comeuppance: 1-02-2386965-02
  • @Remedy’s No Slacking on the Job!: 1-09-3543533-02
  • @Remedy’s A Tempting Offer: 1-03-1577225-02
  • @MRGaming’s Consumed By Fire!: 1-02-7250078-02

Sorry about the briefing, Aegis. I accidentally hit submit before I could insert your briefing and a note that says you made it.

The Corporate Comeuppance SA/SO (1:59)

I realized I was overthinking the Gendron part.

A Tempting Offer SA/AO (1:11)

Another one not to overthink, I would say. Just do the most obvious thing.

No Slacking on the Job! SA (1:59) & SA/SR/DE/FW/NE/!KO

Silent Assassin + Suit Retrieval (Start/Exit in Suit) + Default Equipment + Fiber Wire Only + No Evidence (Hide All Bodies) + No Knockouts

This one took more thinking though the sleepy guy being so damn far away is a pain. YOLO throw probably saves some time but ehn. Restriction run went smoothly, but when disguises are required that tends to make it a lot easier than Suit Only, particularly on Colorado.

Consumed By Fire! SA/AO (1:25)

Tried doing a setup to let the guard and Dalia kill themselves but it was faster to just do 'em in manually.


Should have made it suit only :wink:


Faster isn’t always cooler. You should have done that. Minus 20,000 points for missed opportunity.


Thanks. Shame about the briefing, but it doesn’t really matter. I just apologise for the awfully wank title, I don’t know what I was thinking.


Guys just offtop quick question, how to darken text?


Double asterisk on either side of the word/s. No spaces.

If you quote me and then hit the quote button to paste the text, you’ll see exactly that.


With love, from M. Abiatti, to @Euler13 :bear::kissing_heart::blue_heart: :

By the way, I hope you are ready for a round of sushi at Sapienza’s ruins. I’ll have mine with extra salmon. :bear::yum::sushi: :



Bending asked me to do this one in a video comment so I did this one.

Caruso Manor by @Bending_Cheese67, SA/AO (1:10)

Could be faster with throwlos and better door management but yeah basically that’s the size of it.


If you need some already done, I have a thread already made with 47 unique NPCs with all IDs for all platforms but they are all suit only.

Take a gander and use any that you like.


Title: No Coffee For You
Location: Sapienza
Platform: PC
ID: 1-03-5993816-67


Thanks for playing, @scm97tl. Great times too! That Political Issues was impressive. How did you take out Abiatti so quickly with a pistol elimination?


Through A Glass Darkly
Contract ID 2-10-9884329-50
Platform PS4

Based on a contract by @Prem_Raj


Will give this a go when i get the chance! :slight_smile:


First off, thanks @Nakar for remaking and playing my contract. I didn’t know you could perform the Bambino kill from the bohemian’s porch.

Second, a new contract for us Xbox users!


Location: Bangkok
Platform: PS4
Contract ID: 2-08-1793699-50


+rep thank a lot :heart:


You had to skewer me! :smile: