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Lancer or Rito :cowboy_hat_face:


basement stylist,securtiy guard where in front of helmut’s photo side, girl who throw up ground floor (near look at that chin, greek god conversation), bodyguard who leans to window at attic, auction guy is 1st floor slicing sushies


Haxs… Reported… JK. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Good job!


which photo? 20 characters


he sits on chair, in front of chopper. you know


Got It :

You could go faster with a slighty better throw but this trick is very inconsistent so I didn’t want to restart it again. Plus beating RE’s score by 3 points is good enough for me :grin:.


Two Jobs by @Fortheseven (1:22)

It’s an honor to even be within 10 seconds of fkgfw('s first attempt).

The Berserker by @Pagan (2:28)

I was sure that there was a way to lure the CICADA guy down from the attic, and I even found a way to do it, but it simply wasn’t faster than this route as it required diverting and setting up a trap and not having the second BC for the lady. If I were a little slower I could catch him at an earlier point, but that obviously won’t make the run faster. There’s definitely some clever routing involving fire-and-forget setting up that guy’s death though; the rest you can easily do in a minute twenty or so tops.


No Escape from Reality
Location Sapienza Lanslide
PS4 ID: 2-04-96300063-94

Waiter: Main Tower Square Wine Sell
Green Tie: Savehouse
Blue Guy: Photo Place for Abiati

Caught in a Landside, no escape from reality
Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see

Good Luck 47.


nice job mate really!


I’ve remade two of 'em for PC:

  • A Rather Electrical Approach: 1-10-6221360-02
  • Rooftop Ruffians: 1-08-2347387-02


Kiniu wins again.


A Rather Electrical Approach 0:38

I know this run is really sloppy executed. But all these 360s and “waving the gun in front of your face and cannot move after that” really makes me not want to grind for a better time. /end rant


Platform: PS4
User: xGURUx83
Title: Amongst The Elite
Location: Colorado
Contract ID: 2-09-4468599-27


HAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I knew I was missing something!


I don’t have a PS4. I guess i’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me :smile:
Just kidding, will give this a shot


Could hear the melody while reading :smile: :rofl:
Top notch!


A Rather Electrical Approach by @Remedy (0:37)

Wanted to do a triple electrocution but just decided not to I guess.

Rooftop Ruffians by @Remedy (1:55)

Could’ve done this SO but the gardener was being a nosy little fella and KOing him helped anyway, plus it makes exiting faster. As usual Thanaboon is the most difficult part.


Can it be solved?


Contract name: Trinity
ID: 1-02-6577909-46


Ahhhhh… now THAT’s more like it!

Thx @SpeedsterRunner217 for the disguise location!