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Trinity 1:45


I saw a similar contract. Only difference is that the kill condition was melee. My question is, how do we get silent assassin for a melee kill? Is it even possible?


Of course. Fiber wire/knife/scissors/etc are all melee kills.


I had to kill with a cleaver. Close up melee. And if im not wrong, there is no spare stalker disguise. So what i did was subdue him, take his disguise, let his body get found so that he will gain consciousness and then kill him. So no SA. Is there another way to do it to get SA?


But why are you using melee? It’s an electrocution accident. :smiley:


Hey @Travis_IOI, heard you like disguise carousels, well here’s a real humdinger!

I Don’t Think We Can Be Friends Anymore (Sapienza): 1-03-3219862-02

I’m not sorry. But I also put my money where my mouth is this time, unlike the last awful contract:



Platform: PS4

Location: Marrakesh

Targets: 2

CID: 2-06-9859639-77

Two men were bribed by our client into retrieving documents and recordings from the Swedish consulate in Marrakesh.

A guard working at the consulate steals the documents and recordings, passes them to a Marrakesh army soldier who then delivers everything to our client.

Our client got the information he was after and has no further use for the two men.

Good luck 47!

Feel free to re-create on PC/Xbox

Here’s a playthrough:


Nono this is another contract i did before


Oh. So then ya, you can’t melee someone after you’ve KO’d them then taken their clothes and still retain SA.


I remade this for PC: 1-09-1154493-02. What kind of expected par time are we looking at?


Last I played it Guru had a 1:29 I believe


About what I figured then.

Amongst The Elite by @xGURUx83 (1:20)

I have a route from another start that’s 10-15 seconds faster than this but executing it is nearly impossible.


are you MrNakar1133?



Have fun guys! ^^ :beers:

PC Contract: Unexpected Visit
ID: 1-04-7776103-61
Location: Sapienza Landslide


The Cake Menace

ID: 1-08-6159607-41
Leaked Briefing;
cakes are not innocent anymore


vegan cake maker, a cheft who is at birthday, manager and her helper


I’m going to post two of my better contracts from the last few months as a submission for featureds, since Travis has yet to clarify if the other thread is valid.

From Sapienza With Love
ID: 3-03-7448475-41

A successor to the successful (lol) You Only Die Twice. I think it fits together nicely.

The Professional
ID: 3-08-3982338-41

A puzzle contract, probably one of my best puzzles so far. Difficult to figure out but satisfying when you do.



Ah make sense. Im gg to try your contract tomorrow. If i can figure out where to electricute him :thinking:


Gonna submit in this thread too in case travis doesn’t reply to the other one
The best contract I created, can be over come in multiple ways:

If you decide to feature it, please look for the one that was made by MrBurn4488