Hitmanforum member contracts


Makes me laugh even today :joy:


His suit may be bullet-proof, but is it shock-proof?


Bonus points for doing it without changing out of your suit.


Unexpected Visit by @Don_Coa, SA/SO (2:34)

There’s a much faster way to do this, I’m sure, I just can’t quite figure out what it would be.


Nicely done Nakar, explosion party ;D Yeah I’ had the same feeling that there is a faster way to do it.


Nice contract as always! #Lancerorito


Couple of five pieces for Xbox.

They’re fairly easy and themed: one’s a linear race type of deal, the other is more open (both Any/Any).

Helter Skelter - (3-04-8640673-88)

This luxury hotel has no elevators - 3-08-5794550-88

Hopefully they’re…

wait for it…

hold on, just clearing my throat a sec…

what was I saying again?

Oh yeah…

a bit of fun :wink:


That receptionist enforcer is such a pain in the ass :smiley:

The Cake Menace 1:26


Is there anybody that can recreate an contract for me for the Xbox?


Found this from @mungadungalis’s stream and thought I’d give it a try of my own. Also this is like the first time I actually heavily relied on Napoleon as the main part of my run.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Edit: :frowning: Someone seem to not like it. Disliked already.


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 @Prem_Raj

Easy shot, easy choke
Will you let me live?

47 no, we will not you live!

Let me live!

We will not let live!


Like @cjgarof says, If you don’t have haters, you’re not doin’ it right



If you still need this recreated, let me know the deets and I’ll get it done.


A lot of my videos get dislikes, I ignore them tbh


It’s discouraging cause forum members are doing it.


Are you sure it is no subscriber of your channel?


Why would you feel bad of someone random disliking it on Youtube when many people here and the subs to your channel like it? it’s part of having a channel. Don’t let that discourage you from doing what you like. :bear::slight_smile:


@scm97tl I also get dislikes for each video. 2-3. It’s really sad to see people on the internet are really harsh. But, your statement was cheerful enough. :slight_smile:


I don’t know why as your runs are awesome. You make my runs look shit lol